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PHP: 5 Powerful Spheres of Use

5 spheres of PHP use

Initially built for server-side scripting, PHP has become one of the most widely used programming languages. According to WWW Technology Surveys, the share of its use worldwide exceeds 80%. Among PHP advocates are such giants as Slack, Wikipedia, Wordpress, Pinterest, Nvidia, Tumblr and, to some extent, Facebook. The wide range of functions it possesses allow applying this language in almost any area of IT development. That's why companies, from startups to large enterprises, so often choose this programming language when it comes to developing products and services. Let’s have a look at some inspiring examples of what can be done with PHP.

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Business Californian Way, or What We Can Learn from Silicon Valley Startups

Сalifornia Golden Gate

Silicon Valley is a fruitful soil for new businesses. Yet at the same time, it is one of the most competitive environments in the whole wide world. What makes some startups burst and flourish and the other sink into oblivion? And how the owners of other businesses can benefit from their experience? We have selected several takeaways from recent successful Californian startups and share them with you.

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10 Tips on How to Create a Great LinkedIn Profile for Your Business

create great linkedin profile

A good Linkedin profile is one of the most important things in personal branding and a strong tool for business development. Best sales linkedin profiles bring huge benefits to its owners and companies they work for. How to make a good Linkedin Summary and other tips and tricks which will help you to optimize your Linkedin profile that will well serve your business?

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How to Impact Consumer Behaviour with a Help of Color?

color impact on consumers behaviour

The effect of color on user’s behavior can’t be overestimated, especially when it comes to web design. The virtual user can’t touch the product or service physically, therefore well-chosen colors and user-friendly interface based on user experience are the most powerful tools of online communication. Which colors will help to increase website conversion and the mobile apps popularity?

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How can web solutions improve logistics business efficiency?

solutions for logistics business

Global logistics costs amount to 10% of GDP — that is about $7T, a huge total indeed. If to compare this sum — America’s GDP in 2016 was $18,5T. Nevertheless amount of money in the logistic and shipping industry is huge, the needs for software logistic automatization is everywhere. How can web solutions for logistics help to prevent the delay of freight and low shipping cost estimates?

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How Much Does It Cost to Make an App

How much does it cost to develop an app in 2017

The number of apps’ downloads for first two quarters of 2017 comes to 44,4 Billion, if to compare — during 2016 number of downloaded iOS and Android mobile apps was 75,7 Billion. Such trends can’t be ignored — mobile application market grows extremely. If you want to get your piece of mobile cake, your application should be done well from both technical side and benefits for user. How much does it cost to make an app, that is useful and popular and how to choose a professional offshore development team?

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