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The Messenger Component (Symfony)

Компонент Messenger (Symfony)

Back in March 2018, the pleasing news that the family of symfony components was replenished with a useful Messenger. tool spread quickly among the developers. According to the creators, this Symfony tool had to take on the task of sending / receiving messages to / from other applications, as well as queue management.

Naturally, the appearance of an interesting tool causes a desire to implement it quickly in projects. However, few people can afford it. Therefore, we did not risk our time, as well as stability of our customers’ applications, and postponed the question.

Let’s Look Under the Hood of Doctrine 2

Doctrine 2

Perhaps it is not an exaggeration to say that Doctrine is the most frequently used ORM in the Symfony ecosystem. That’s why for the PHP developer, the mastery of this library is really important. In this article, I propose to look ‘under the hood’ of this Mustang among ORMs and figure out what abstractions and patterns form the base of this library.