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What Mobile App Monetization Strategy to Choose in 2018

Mobile App Monetization Strategy 2018

The way you are going to earn money from mobile app will influence the popularity of your future solution. Correctly chosen app monetization model will increase the loyalty of your target customers, meanwhile, the wrong monetization strategy may make them even to delete your app. Today we will find out how to make money from apps and what mobile app monetization strategy to prefer in 2018 to stay in the win.

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10 Tips on How to Create a Great LinkedIn Profile for Your Business

create great linkedin profile

A good Linkedin profile is one of the most important things in personal branding and a strong tool for business development. Best sales linkedin profiles bring huge benefits to its owners and companies they work for. How to make a good Linkedin Summary and other tips and tricks which will help you to optimize your Linkedin profile that will well serve your business?

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