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Native vs. Hybrid App Development

Native vs. Hybrid App Development

First of all, I propose to find out what a hybrid app is and what the difference it has from the native one.

The native application is developed in the language proposed by the developers of a mobile platform. For example, there is a choice between Kotlin and Java for Android solutions development, and for iOS app creation, one can select Swift or Objective-C. Through these languages usage the developer gets direct access to the platform’s functionality — the SDK.

How to Integrate Google Pay Service Into Your Android App and Why You Need It

Google Pay for Android app

The right choice of a payment method proposed to the client is an important condition of success in the e-commerce. When talking about mobile apps, the statistic says you may lose up to 80 % of your clients just because the payment service is inconvenient or untrustworthy. Just think of all those attempts to enter all data with the help of a touchscreen — not to mention multiple shifts and fear of data leaks. In this situation, the integration of Google Pay service is a win-win solution for all parties.

iOS Design Patterns

Шаблоны в iOS

In this article, we will cover iOS patterns. Some of them will be considered in details, another ones will be shortly described, and others won’t be included at all.

How to revitalize an Android app without bloating the budget

How to improwe Android app

It is difficult to imagine a modern mobile application without animations. Good animation allows you to create an application that attracts attention and is easy to use, while not distracting the user from the app itself. This is not a technical article, but rather an overview of how to spice up Android application without blowing the budget and project deadlines.

Will iPhone X release influence mobile app design?

iPhone X release influence mobile app design

iPhone X release (read as iPhone 10) was timed to the 10th anniversary of the Apple Smartphone. The event was a surprise to Apple fans, breaking the logical chain of releases (where is iPhone 9?), and made all the iPhone admirers wait for the release with even more impatience. While users are counting days until November,3 let’s find out the impact of the big screen and the new Super Retina on iOS mobile app design trends.

Hello CoreData!

Hello CoreData!

Today we will review framework under the terrible name CoreData, from Apple. I hate it so much. This is Apple's solution to work with SQLite (a relational database). CoreData can store Swift objects in SQLite, and also it can perform the reverse operation.

ChatKit Library for Android Apps

ChatKit Library

In the world of iOS development there is a well-known JSQMessagesViewController library which helps iOS-developers to implement UI chat in their applications easily. Unfortunately, Android developers are deprived of such a wonderful tool. Therefore, we decided to give Android developers wide options for creating a fast and attractive user chatting interface in their apps.

iOS Development: Best Practices

iOS development. Best practices

Hello. In this article, I will try to give some tips on writing a code for beginners in iOS development. I will not dive in much details, since it will take a lot of time (to be honest, I’m just too lazy). The essence of this article is to help to create good and stable applications; demonstrate how to do it, and how not to; develop your habit of writing a good and comprehensive code.