Several years ago on the key players market among the e-commerce solutions, an e-commerce platform Sylius, based on Symfony2 framework was released. Its software contains well-documented open-source code, test coverage and friendly UI.

In other words, developers won’t have to make marketing efforts, it will be enough to emphasize, that Sylius is based on Symfony2. Due to Symfony2, Sylius development is easy- extensible and scalable.

Website development on Sylius is free to download, to modify and to distribute according to MIT license — all that developers can only dream about. Based on BDD and TDD it consists of 20 independent components, which can be used both separately and together upon the most appropriate compilation.

So new, but so reliable!

Website development on Sylius is user and developer friendly platform. The main aim is the powerful e-store engine with wide range of tools, which help you to concentrate on the important aspects without spending time on details.

Even developers with a critical eye couldn’t find disadvantages in such a perfect e-commerce solution. Development from scratch features list is impressing:

Worth saying, that Sylius developers got rid of an aspect that made it hard to work on another platforms. This was a complicated user interface control. Now interface became user friendly, working on a principle: «registration, log in, log out». On the one hand, this is a great solution, but only for default actions, and in some advanced e-commerce aspects as CRM, UX can be required.

Stable Development
and Improvements

There weren’t any noticeable changes within Sylius system lately. That is an excellent factor for such a new platform, it proves that the platform continues its development in the same way and in the same rate.

Website customization on Sylius platform is a hard work of true specialists, who are not only specialized in programming languages, but also in business language of success. If you work with us, you will get a website, which requires all up to date requirements: high download speed, clear UI, individual design and continuous data support.

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