Best free fonts for designers

Best free fonts for designers

Fonts used to display text influence the perception of the latter. That’s why for this article we have collected best free fonts for web designers 2016 that will help your web designs and printed materials using Cyrillic and Romanian scripts to look and feel professionally.

Top 10 best fonts for Cyrillic script

High-quality Cyrillic fonts are still not very common but nowadays they aren’t as rare as before. The list below contains both universal serif and sans-serif fonts and some ultra elegant fonts for special cases.

1. Nord is a sans-serif font available in four type styles (Light, Medium, Regular and Bold). It has rounded angles and interesting curly endings (look at “Я” letter for example) and is good for headings or putting emphasis on certain elements:

Sans-serif font Nord

2. Lora font is available in Regular, Bold, Italic, and BoldItalic styles but it belongs to sans-serif type and looks better when used for the main content of the page:

Lora font with various styles

3. Mateur is a script type that can be used for illustrations:

Script type for illustrations

4. Lato is another sans-serif font with an amazing support of languages: 100 languages with Latin and 50 languages with Cyrillic script. And it supports Greek as well! Lato is available in Regular, Bold, Italic, Light, BoldItalic and LightItalic font styles.

Lato sans-serif font

5. Sangha font was created based on Indian themes and will look good on websites devoted to Oriental culture:

Sangha fantasy font

6. Arvo is a Terminal font that can be used for displaying snippets of code on the page:

Arvo Terminal font

7. Frenchpress is a beautiful sans-serif font for special occasions, for example tickets, invitations or greeting emails:

Frenchpress fantasy font

8. Proba Pro is available for free in Regular and Italic styles which are quite enough for formatting most text on the web page:

Proba Pro font for main text

9. Intro Condensed is a narrow variant of a famous font Intro which its creators recommend to use for headings and posters. Black and Light font styles are available for free.

Intro Condensed font

10. Poiret One font looks very elegant and unlike Frenchpress can be used on web pages as well.

Элегантный шрифт Poiret One

Top 10 best fonts for Latin script

If you work with English-speaking customers, you have virtually all world of fonts open to you since most font creators provide versions for English language. They often make one or several font styles free for personal and commercial use to attract attention to the paid version of the font.

1. Volkorn is one of the first sans-serif fonts that became available on Google Fonts. It supports 8 styles:

Font supporting 8 styles

2. Kaushan Script is a neat and readable script font suitable both for web and printed materials.

Easy to read script font

3. Stroke font is good for illustrations and displaying slogans and headings. Regular, Bold and Light font styles are available for free:

Stroke for headings

4. Montserrat sans-serif font is good for headings and landing pages:

Montserrat font for landing pages

5. Oswald is a classic a little condensed sans-serif font that looks good on any devices:

Oswald condensed sans-serif font

6. Jura is an elegant font with wedge shaped serifs and round forms. It is good for subheadings or main content of the page.

Jura elegant font

7. Exo 2 is a universal technological font with several styles that can be used for most elements of the page:

Exo 2 technological font

8. Pompiere is a good choice for somebody who is looking for elegant yet not too serious font:

Pompiere light and elegant font

9. Aclonica is another vivid font for shining headings and outstanding printed materials.

Aclonica bright font

10. Museo is a sans-serif font that looks good in any size and will work for menu items and content of the main page. Museo Sans 500 and Museo Sans styles are available for free:

Museo sans-serif font

In this article we provided fonts for professional graphic designers that can be used for designing websites and printed materials. With such a big amount of various fonts out there combining them can be a pretty frustrating task. Here’re few handy rules that will help you nail this task:

  1. Don’t use too contrast-looking fonts: each of them will try to draw away user’s attention and distract him or her from actual content.
  2. But don’t choose fonts that are too similar either: they will merge together and create unfinished look.
  3. Create a clear visual hierarchy: simply remember those old-school newspapers with their system of titles, subtitles and intro paragraphs.
  4. Remember the context: your design exists to satisfy specific needs of the company.
  5. Don’t use more than three fonts on the same page.

As of 2018, the great number of free high-quality fonts allows the designers to work at the fullest on the tasks, not being confused with the font choice. That’s why we have written the continuation of our article on the best free fonts.

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