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What we propose

We specialize in the development of large and medium-sized sites, web applications, and portals with a complex and rich functionality. We are able to cope with heavy loads and are happy to undertake the solution of complex problems.

While working at projects, we use

  • Symfony



  • Ember.js



  • MySQL



  • HTML



Examples of website development

  • TicketsBox


    CRM system, API, Widget, development, project, TicketsBox, CRM

  • Fwdays


    development, design, re-design, mobile version, booking

  • MeinFernbus


    programming, interface design, support

  • Nova Poshta Shopping V2.0

    Nova Poshta Shopping V2.0

    Nova Poshta, Shopping, interface, design, Customer Journey Map, parcel, Mopinion, Zendesk, product

Symfony Web Development

Symfony web development in the stfalcon company is not just a profitable investment, it is the ability to get absorbed in an atypical adventure along with venturesome who really dig their work and who skillfully solve any mega complicated problem.

Despite going wild with creativity and adventurism, we have a very serious attitude towards the requirements of our customers and timing of orders, so you can expect adequate, pleasant and interesting collaboration.

Tandem of top class professionals (developers, coders, designers, managers) and modern technologies (Symfony2 framework and its components, as well as Silex, MySQL, MongoDB, Sphinx, RabbitMQ, Angular.js, Ember.js, et al.) will allow you to achieve the results that your competitors would have nothing to do but envy.

Why do we recommend using Symfony2?

Despite the fact that the choice of php-frameworks for the web site development from scratch is large enough, we give preference to Symfony2. Why did we choose Symfony2 development?

  • It is a «living» product with an active community

    Countless number of developers, integrators, testers and other specialists work on its development and improvement, so that any problem can be solved at the shortest term.

  • There are no problems with data storage

    Technology Object-relational mapping, which Doctrine2 ORM (component Symfony) uses, allows you to store created objects in whatever convenient database, and then easily retrieve them for future work.

  • Excellent speed

    This is one of the most successful products to promptly solve problems of any complexity. If you want to become the owner of a great site to order as quickly as possible, Symfony2 will help in this.

  • Security

    Given framework has the most advanced algorithms responsible for data protection and security as a whole.

  • Compliance with contemporary needs

    SensioLabs — the developers of Symfony — created it to satisfy any queries arising from the sophisticated, open-minded developers. This is a pragmatic product that best suits the realities of the modern world.

  • Withstand loads

    Web development provides the most effective results due to the presence of high-grade caching layer.

You surely know that the Internet is now the main channel of sales, and the most promising area for the development of almost any business. If you long for success in this area, you won’t do without modern, comfortable and beautiful site. To get a quick and high-quality result, it makes sense to turn to experienced professionals who use advanced universal technologies. Creating a Web Site on Symfony2 with help of our specialists is a decision you’ll never regret, and here's why:

  • This php-framework is incredibly popular all over the world (Yahoo !, Dailymotion, Opensky.com, Exercise.com, phpBB, Drupal, etc. successfully use it). Such an attention is highly reasonable;
  • Our experts will be happy to solve complicated problems for they artfully master Symfony2, and many other technologies (including MySQL, MongoDB, Sphinx, RabbitMQ, Angular.js, JavaScript, HTML5, etc.).

The tasks that we solve:

  • Creating of sophisticated Web-based products (sites, portals, applications) with rich functionality;
  • Creating of systems with high loads. In developing highload products, we use the latest technologies that allow easily cope with any weight.
  • Promoting start-ups. We are interested in working with startups and developing sites for growing companies.