We hire the talents and create a dedicated team to work on your project

What You Get With Us:
We hire a dedicated development team from Ukrainian programming talents for your project, organize the team’s operations in our office, provide all the hardware/software, taxes, vacations, and other advantages for your team, and take all the HR processes on our side

Here is a list of expertise we can launch

Mobile Development
Front-end Development
Back-end Development
UX/UI Design
Quality Assurance

Process of building a dedicated team

We discuss your vision, technology stack, structure, requirements together
We interview candidates, check their English level and soft skills. After that, we give you the CVs of the best matching candidates
After approving the candidates we provide the onboarding of your team members, provide an office and a workplace

Reasons for building a dedicated team with us

Ukraine is a powerful IT center with a high-professional resource
The Ukrainian IT market saves organizations a lot of money compared to an in-house team in their country
We have our own educational center IT Academy by Stfalcon
We can migratе the talent pool to your company by buyout option

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