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Healthcare Software

Digital Technology in the Service of Medicine

We develop IT-solutions for automation in medical field

Information technologies improve medical treatment and patient care and facilitate staff workflow. Stfalcon.com develops advanced and credible software, web services, and mobile apps for practice management, medical analysis, and electronic health record.

Automated Medical Record

The biggest challenges in the healthcare are the lack of qualified specialists and time-consuming mundane chores. Modern software solves both of these tasks.

  • Custom electronic health record
  • Mobile apps for personnel
  • Workflow optimization and automation
  • Advanced training tracking
  • Hospital geofencing
  • Automated staff scheduling

Clients’ Comfort

Healthcare is not just about medical examination and treatment. It also concerns clients’ comfort. Apps and services for patients make medical services fast and convenient.

  • Patient portals and platforms
  • Online registration services
  • Telemedicine and online consulting
  • Doctor listings
  • Virtual private accounts
  • Instant search of the specialist nearby
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Doctors’ Support

Software and online services grant doctors access to the latest medical advances and shared experience all over the world. This empowers quick and unmistakable decisions.

  • Automated diagnosis systems
  • Mobile apps for medical analysis
  • Easy access to patients’ data
  • Shared experience from any part of the world
  • Operational cooperation systems
  • VR for treatment and education

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