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Travel Management Software Solutions for Tourism and Hospitality

Technologies that Assist Travel Industry

We develop apps and services for travel agencies, tourist attractions, and hotel chains

Whether you are a travel aggregator, a hotel chain or a ticket company, the robust and cost-effective software helps to remain competitive, expand customer reach and increase revenue. Stfalcon.com develops web and mobile IT solutions for every segment of the travel and hospitality industry.

Engage and Connect Travellers

Your personal software travel agent in mobile app keeps your clients comfortable and well-informed about every trip detail. Implement targeted marketing strategies by delivering personalized push-notifications with special offers and recommendations. Such a web service or app for travel management might save time for both those who travel and manage trips. Feature might include:

  • Push-notifications to all or specific groups of users
  • Geofencing to keep track of users location or help them navigate in new city
  • Accompanying apps for travellers that help them communicate or find local advices
  • Digital assistants for emergency cases or just guiding them through attractions.

Sell Tickets and Transportation Services Online

Offer your customers convenient ticket booking, transportation, transfer services, and extra amenities. Incorporate various features of registration and payment. Track user preferences in order to deliver customized offer for them next time and keep loyal customers. Have your passenger transport orders under control no matter if you’re a large bus trips operator or a private touris guide. We’ve already worked on apps like:

  • Booking engines
  • Ticketing apps
  • Car rental platforms
  • Passenger self-service portals
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Manage Your Hotel Chain Efficiently

Attract clients through a beautifully designed responsive website and a user-friendly app. Receive online bookings from various sources. Manage hotel capacity, prices, and inventory distribution via the network of connected devices and let users get booking confirmation instantly. Such apps might be useful for:.

  • Hotel channel managers
  • Check-in and help desk operations management
  • GDS integration
  • CRM systems to keep track of guests preferences and history

Digitize Your Travel Agency

Compose packages, create affiliate programs, and benefit from third-party integrations. Manage your travel products, reports, and payment policies. Track customer behavior, travel and purchase history. Travel agencies and their customers benefit from:

  • Metasearch engines
  • Online travel marketplaces
  • Tour management software
  • Website and app design for those who sell tours

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