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E-commerce Services and Marketplaces

Top Web and Mobile Trends for Profitable Sales

We develop services and applications for e-commerce

More and more people prefer to buy things via the internet. IT solutions help to budget operational costs, analyze clients’ behavior and boost sales. Stfalcon.com develops online platforms, marketplaces and mobile apps for e-commerce.

E-commerce Platforms and Marketplaces

Become an online marketplace operator and earn money on every processed transaction. Easily list your inventory on multiple channels to reach more customers. Customize product information and conduct inventories quickly and easily.

  • Unified platforms and marketplaces
  • E-merchandising tools
  • Catalog and inventory management software
  • Multi-channel e-commerce solutions
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Mobile Apps for Commerce

Apps are popular among clients and increase sales. Merge the best features of your in-store and online shopping experience in your customers' mobile phones. Enhance them with well-timed notifications, intuitive navigation, and geolocation.

  • Specialized targeting
  • Offline mode
  • Push-notifications
  • In-app purchases

E-commerce Logistics Solutions

Online trading is impossible without logistics. Timely delivery relies on many factors. Trust the supply chain management issues to the well-tuned software.

  • Automation of delivery process
  • Forwarding services
  • Warehouse logistics
  • Integration of supply chain services
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Cutting Edge Technologies in Sales

Transform the way your customers perceive shopping. Use the latest technical innovations, like AI, virtual reality, and the internet of things to bring your sales to a whole new level.

  • AR/VR for product view
  • AI chatbots and electronic assistants
  • Biometrics for stores and warehouses
  • IoT sensors and RFID tags

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