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KeepSnap for Android and iOS

Studio has developed KeepSnap, a service for photographers. The project also involved mobile app development. The goal of the app was to provide KeepSnap users with additional features. Target audience included both photographers and people interested in their services.

We have developed app from the ground up: created design for iOS and Android, developed API and apps and then published them on Google Play and AppStore.

KeepSnap app for smartphones and tablets

App for photographers

The idea behind the service is simple: “Turn your hobby into earnings”. The app needs to put it into action by solving routine tasks of KeepSnap users.

First version

The initial idea was to create an app that will be used to transfer information about photographers’ location together with a time range available for a photo session and a text message. Potential client opens the map and sees photographers that are nearby. After the photo session the client scans the QR code from the business card with the app, subscribes to the gallery updates and receives a notification when the photos are uploaded.

Mobile app screen examples for KeepSnap

Shift of emphasis

Even though we have successfully put this idea into life, it has never made it to the end users. AppStore, following strict but fair rules of Apple Inc., didn’t allow us to publish the app. Function of finding photographers nearby was perceived as spying on users. That’s why we took a fresh look at the app, got rid of some functions and shifted from clients to photographers. Similar changes often happen with startups since the nature of the startup business allow it to flexibly react to various changes. You can learn more about this topic in our article about pivoting.

After getting rid of the search function the app became photographer-oriented. Web service allows photographers to create private galleries protected with password, upload photos of clients and give them access to the respective galleries. For the sake of convenience during a photo session photographer could use the app to create a private gallery, generate a PIN code for it, make a few photos with a smartphone and give clients a business card with a link to their private gallery. Later after editing the photos in the comfort of his or her home the photographer uploaded them to the website and the client received a notification.

Transition in KeepSnap app

KeepSnap Directory

But the idea about finding photographers nearby wasn’t abandoned. It was used to create a separate service within the main project. In studio we have developed a web service and later added a photographer search feature to the mobile app. Unlike previously, here photographers were specifying the location manually, thus there was no need for the service to track their location. It became possible to see contact details for photographers or send them a message directly from the app.

KeepSnap Directory

Two instead of one

As new functions were added, we came to the conclusion that since the app has two types of users (photographers and their clients), it becomes hard to market it to the end users. That’s why a decision was made to split it into two separate apps. Every app received features that are relevant for a respective group of users. For photographers that would be private galleries and sales stats. App for their clients is similar to the KeepSnap Directory web service and includes filtering by photographer’s style and search radius.

Apps for photographers and their clients

Tablet versions

To attract a larger amount of users we have also created apps for iOS and Android tablets. Besides, tablets offer better users experience due to bigger screens. They allow us to show search results and map with markers simultaneously. We have also created a new screen for displaying photographer profile and improved the search function.

KeepSnap app for tablets


  • Igor Fedun
    Igor Fedun

    Project Manager

  • Artur Mkrtychian
    Artur Mkrtychian

    Project Manager

  • Vladimir Sutowski
    Vladimir Sutowski

    Project Manager

  • Maksym


  • Konstantin Kolesnik
    Konstantin Kolesnik

    iOS Developer

  • Sergei

    iOS Developer

  • Viktor

    iOS Developer

  • Oleksandr

    Android Developer

  • Oleksandr

    Android Developer

  • Misha

    QA Manager

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