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Project Manager

We are opening a vacancy because we understand that it is you, yes, whoever opened this page is missing us as a team! If you have suitable skills for the vacancy described below, then this is perfect


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Senior UI/UX Designer

Required skills

  • Significant experience in website and mobile app design for different platforms
  • Designing the structure and navigation, describing the principles of the interface and patterns
  • Designing interface screens and their interactive prototypes
  • Understanding the principles of responsive design
  • Understanding the essence of quantitative and qualitative research
  • Knowledge of guidelines Google Material Design
  • Knowledge of guidelines Apple Human Interface Guidelines
  • Analytical and creative thinking
  • Facilitation of meetings, brainstorms, criticism
  • Experience of participation in design implementation in frontend and backend development
  • Visual design: composition, grids, typography
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Middle PHP Developer

Required skills

  • +2 years of experience with PHP, Symfony    
  • Work experience with MySQL, PostgreSQL, MongoDB
  • Work experience with key-value storage, such as Redis, Memcached
  • Experience with microservice architecture
  • Experience with RabbitMQ or other message brokers
  • Use the Git version control system
  • Basic knowledge of Linux, Docker, nginx
  • Experience of using frameworks for testing PHPUnit, Behat / Mink, Codeception
  • Understanding OOP/SOLID
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