We know how to create a good user interface design and why you need this

Reduces the risk of project failure. Helps to overcome user resistance in implementing of complex system
Increases user productivity and quality of work
Establishes a positive brand image of the software product

Jobs to be done framework

People buy products and services to get a “job” done. The key to success is understanding the real job customers are using your product for

Intuition driven design
Designer’s and client’s experience
Personal expertise
Data informed design
User experience and research data
Personal expertise
Data driven design
Solutions are based on research
No random actions

Design process

Market research
Analysis of provided information, competitors and open sources. Business interview and in-depth interview
Interpretation of research
Organize of results, analysis, conclusions. Customer Journey Map
Search for ideas
Brainstorming, elaboration of metaphor
Detailing the idea, prototyping, mockups
Expert’s review, usability testing
Development, research, improvements

Our projects

Credit Agricole

Interface design for payment kiosks
The design fully satisfied expectations and the Stfalcon team went above and beyond the initial scope of the project. We are grateful to the Stfalcon team for the valuable work they have done and their ability to build a strong partnership.
Tatiana Luskalo
PM of Investment projects Devision
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MeinFernbus (now Flixbus)

Web project and website design for the German largest passenger transportation company
We could arrange such kind of work where the process of development solves much more business problems rather than creating any. This is a very valuable feature to have when you are developing a startup.
Aleksey Kolupaev
CTO at MeinFernbus
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Real Estate Company
The cooperation went smooth and the team was quite flexible in the process of development. The system features a streamlined and user-friendly interface and has met all technical requirements put forth by the internal team. Stfalcon is flexible and adaptable, facilitating a smooth collaboration between teams. The team is creative and hard-working
Julia Blokh
Business Development Director
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