UX & UI Design and Consulting Services

You only get one chance to make a great first impression.

That's why your software solution needs an exquisite and intuitive interface. Stfalcon is a UI/UX design company that assists businesses of all sizes with user interface creation. Our design team knows how important it is to increase your conversions, so our designers use top-tier tools to hit this target and enhance app and website usability.

Benefits of Our UI/UX Services

By choosing Stfalcon as your UI/UX design agency, you get the opportunity to leverage our almost decade and a half of experience and expertise. We offer UI/UX consulting and such services as customer experience mapping, front-end design, application analytics, mobile platforms design, and much more. We offer:

Customer-oriented design

With UI/UX design services, you can hit your customers' expectations, offering them an all-encompassing and human-centered design. We put the user in the center of decision-making and craft the design according to the customer journey. Our experts make the quality of user interaction superior at each touchpoint all along this way.

Increased customer acquisition and retention

We develop our UI/ UX design solutions to fit your purposes, meaning we make your customer journey comfortable for your users and help our clients meet their business needs. We make onboarding simple and intuitive for better customer acquisition. Then we personalize UX to keep them loyal.

High customer satisfaction

We conduct UX research to reach out to your target audience and deliver a customer-focused user interface. It leads to higher customer satisfaction, which results in higher retention rates and better brand advocacy.

Optimized time and budget expenses

We minimize costs and deliver our UI/ UX design services with time-friendly deadlines. Based on our 14+ years of experience, we know many tech tricks and effective ways to reach your aims in the shortest possible time. So, we optimize the process and the clients get time and budget savings.



Client Manager

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Our projects

Stfalcon is a well-known UI/ UX design company with a many-year industry experience background. Discover the benefits that our clients have already tried.

Credit Agricole

Interface design for payment kiosks

"The design fully satisfied expectations, and the Stfalcon team went above and beyond the initial scope of the project. We are grateful to the Stfalcon team for the valuable work they have done and their ability to build a strong partnership." — Tatiana Luskalo, PM of Investment Projects Division

Read the full case study in our portfolio

MeinFernbus (now Flixbus)

Web project and website design for the German largest passenger transportation company

"We could arrange such kind of work where the process of development solves many more business problems rather than creating any. This is a very valuable feature to have when you are developing a startup." — Aleksey Kolupaev, CTO at MeinFernbus

Read the full case study in our portfolio


Real Estate Company

"The cooperation went smoothly, and the team was quite flexible in the development process. The system features a streamlined and user-friendly interface and has met all the technical requirements set by the internal team. Stfalcon is flexible and adaptable, which facilitated a smooth collaboration between teams. The team is creative and hard-working." — Julia Blokh, Business Development Director

Read the full case study in our portfolio

UX & UI Design Services

UX/UI Consulting

Stfalcon offers UI and UX consulting services and design audits, providing actionable UX/UI advice. It helps to streamline the software user experience and cope with design challenges that our clients often face.

  • Market Research and Analysis
  • Design Development
  • Recommendations and Reports

UX/UI Design

We help to transform the standard user experience into an intuitive one through wireframing and interface prototypes. Keeping the users as our complete focus, we manage to bridge gaps and accurately bring to life human-centered designs that often exceed the expectations of our customers. Going from wireframing to interactive reality, we add individuality to our client’s vision and boost their business metrics.

  • Wireframes and Mockups
  • Prototyping
  • Visual Design

Design Systems

The Stfalcon team helps to maintain visual consistency across different pages and channels. We provide our clients with brand-focused guidelines and unified visual language, crafting reusable UI components and patterns to resolve design disorders.

We help businesses bring order to design chaos and maintain brand integrity across all touchpoints.

  • UI Tool Kit and Style Guide Development
  • Component Documentation
  • UI Pattern Library
  • Version Control

Research and Usability Testing

Stfalcon conducts comprehensive user research on digital products to identify the target audience's pain points and suggest innovative data-driven decisions. Our clients thus get the necessary clarity from our findings to gain confidence in their product's further development direction.

  • Surveys and User Interviews
  • Usability Testing
  • A/B Testing
  • Heatmaps
  • Click Tracking
  • Competitive Analysis

UX/UI Quick Services: Pricing

Market Research

Our team runs market and competitor analysis to make your design stand out from others.

From $1500

Design Audit

Our expert team conducts a thorough review of your software product, providing reports on usability and UX issues and design system analysis. Based on the results, we propose a comprehensive list of recommendations to enhance your current software and product interface from a development expert's perspective.

From $1500

Design Analysis

We conduct ideation workshops to define the initial ideas combining our client’s expectations, design trends, and usability elements to create a user-oriented product interface, based on the main user scenarios. As part of these services, we also develop mood boards and UI concepts.

From $1500


Our skilled specialists implement any idea into tangible visual form, covering the main user scenario.

From $2500

Usability Testing

Our experts can check your app’s ease of use to ensure it functions hassle-free.

From $1500

Create a Holistic Brand Experience for Your Customers

Let’s first define what a holistic design is. It is the design that considers the entire user experience and comprises the whole process of interaction with your product.

Holistic brand experience is a big picture your clients look at. Ideally, they start interacting with your brand from hearing about your product and have a lingering afterglow after they have finished.

All along this way, the users expect a seamless, intuitive experience. They just want to use it without the necessity to think about how to use it.

That’s what a holistic design provides. Using this approach, one can create a seamless intuitive UX, incorporate it into your UX strategy, and bring your business to the next level.

When questioning yourself how your product can improve your customers' lives, you can identify connections between different aspects and start influencing them. Such an approach can help you impact the user’s life more meaningfully.

Stfalcon can help you to go through all the stages of an effective holistic brand experience creation. We’ve done it many times for our clients and know all the nuances of the process. Our team usually starts from a careful user journey consideration, then goes wider and looks into the future of the product. Based on the information analysis, our experts suggest a UX strategy and solutions that best serve the users.

When you choose to create a holistic and user-centric UX brand experience, your investments are always repaid with interest.

Our Team

New and loyal clients choose our UI design services company because they know that they are working with a professional and reliable team. The following benefits prove that:

Customer-oriented design

We have a unique approach to every business, so we create user interfaces in line with your business expectations.

Top-notch Service

Our team holds over 324 finished projects under its belt. Vadym, our Design Team Lead, always prioritizes the user's best interests, crafting web designs and mobile prototypes that consistently deliver a pleasurable experience.

Professional Approach to Every Project

We have an army of loyal clients who get back to us with new projects. Their number is continually growing, and they leave positive feedback on our service.

High Industry Appraisal

Stfalcon holds a 4.9 rate on Clutch and many other industry rewards.

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Data Visualization

Stfalcon’s UX/UI experts and graphic designers working in tight cooperation bring data visualization to the next level, creating succinct user-friendly dashboards based on data analysis and segmentation. We create dashboards to meet the needs of different groups of users so that everyone can effortlessly absorb diverse sets of data. We make complex things simple for our clients and their users.

User Research

Stfalcon breaks the mold that user research is an expensive and time-consuming process. We conduct careful user research to make sure the software does not have unnecessary features that the users do not need. Our priority is user satisfaction.

Our research is often a combination of user interviews and analytic reviews, as well as usability testing.


Prototyping is a part of UI services in our UI/UX design studio that helps us visualize complex design concepts and transform them into tangible visual forms. We identify and fix potential design flaws early in the process, providing our clients with user-friendly interfaces for their products and saving their time and resources in the long run.

Data-Driven Design

At Stfalcon, we know the magic secrets of user-centric interface creation grounded in real-world data insights. As a user interface design company, we take data as our compass and transform it into design forms that resonate with the target audience. Stfalcon experts ensure every element of a product architecture serves a purpose.

Workshops for Ideation and Prototyping

User interface design services in our UI/UX design agency include online workshops that help our clients improve an existing solution or ideate a future app. During the workshops, we practice design thinking, customer journey map creation, and other activities among others. Stfalcon experts help clients define their customer persona, detect the audience's pain points, create a shared vision of the product and processes as well as visualize user behavior in the app.

UX Audit

Intuitive UX means higher user satisfaction rates and, consequently, higher conversion. So, we advise regular UX audits to keep abreast of the times and enhance the app’s appearance and user interaction. The main user flows should also be regularly audited to detect usability issues and correct the most crucial usability mistakes as soon as possible.

Usability Testing

The major aim of this process is to identify usability problems in a system. Qualitative and quantitative data is gathered and the users’ satisfaction is evaluated. Stfalcon experts then suggest proven techniques for software improvement. As a rule, our clients then trust this process to us for guaranteed results.


What is a UI and UX design service?

User interface and user experience design services comprise researching user behavior, data analyses, and consequent prototyping and wireframing, which result in the creation of visually compelling and user-friendly digital interfaces. UI/UX design teams also do much testing and validate concepts to improve the interface and create an efficient and engaging customer-focused design.

Are UI and UX part of service design?

Both UI and UX are integral parts of service design. It organizes the business's resources, delivering a superior customer experience. While UI is mostly about aesthetic, visually appealing elements, UX is about user interaction with the company. Combined, they result in easy-to-navigate pixel-perfect interfaces that ensure flawless user journey. So, UI and UX development facilitates the creation of holistic, user-centric digital platforms.

How will UI & UX consulting services help my product/service?

If you have a software product, UI and UX consulting services will be of use to evaluate and improve it. If you plan to create a new product, then it will guide you through the process, ensuring your solution is user-friendly and meets your customers’ needs. User-driven design principles help to create a seamless UX that encourages the engagement and retention of customers. At the same time, it can provide insights into user behavior, potential roadblocks, and current trends to drive your business success and help you stand out from your competitors.

What bespoke UI & UX design services do you offer?

Stfalcon offers a range of the UI and UX design services described above. In our user experience agency, we are customer-oriented and pay much attention to detail that makes you stand out. Our UI/ UX design process consists of multiple steps to get top-notch results. We offer the following:

Market Research

Our team runs market and competitor analysis to make your design stand apart from other UI/ UX design agencies.

Consumer Research

We determine your customers' pain points to improve their experience with your interface.

Design Analysis

Stfalcon combines your expectations, design trends, and usability elements to create a user-oriented interface.

We have extensive experience in web and mobile app design and development, cross-platform design, consulting, and workshops, tailored to the needs of our clients.

What does a UX service designer do?

UX designer works to simplify user experience and improve the overall usability of software or some product, while service design is a broader notion comprising customer interactions, delivery of services, and support processes. So, a UX service designer creates the service concept to define the customer experience and the human and technological resources to deliver this service.

What else do you offer besides UI/UX services?

Stfalcon is a UX design studio that helps businesses grow worldwide through high-quality web and mobile solutions development. For over 14 years, our expert team has utilized modern and in-demand technologies to deliver complex projects. So we offer our clients not only user interface and user experience services, but a high level of proficiency in popular and most up-to-date technologies to develop their custom digital solutions from scratch.

We transform such industries as Logistics, Travel, Healthcare, E-commerce, Fintech, Real Estate, Education, and VR/AR.

It has brought our company to the top of the list of highest-rated B2B service providers according to Clutch the leading global marketplace of service providers. We work with high-profile foreign clients worldwide and meet strict project requirements.