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Busfor is the online ticket sales service that allows you to purchase tickets for domestic and international travels. It works in Ukraine, Russia, Europe and South-East Asia.

At the early stage, we helped this company to enter the mobile market by creating apps for iOS and Android as fast as possible.


The main task was to provide customers with a mobile application for buying tickets, moving away from using a mobile browser. Initially, Busfor had a working site with adaptive layout that supported mobile phones. In mobile apps we decided to use WebView technology — it allowed to develop and publish mobile apps in the AppStore and Play Market in the short terms.

In addition to the site shell, we implemented authorization via phone number and sending notifications to the app. For example, a confirmation of payment of a ticket or a reminder of an upcoming travel.


As a result, Busfor successfully entered the mobile market of bus tickets distribution. Now, the service brings together more than 5 thousand carriers on 20 thousand routes across Ukraine, CIS and Europe.


  • Artur Mkrtychian
    Artur Mkrtychian

    Project Manager

  • Maksym


  • Anton

    Android Developer

  • Sergei

    iOS Developer

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