We develop software for Internet of Things products

What is IoT?
This is the connection of devices to a computer network in order to remotely control them, make them interconnected, and collect data remotely. Thus, the Internet of Things simplifies the daily life of people

Where is it used?

The devices will help prevent serious complications in patients, since the data is sent to the doctor almost automatically
Tracking the flow of customers, analyzing the popular routes of customers in the store with the distribution of promotional materials in the future, or optimizing the layout of goods
Smart home
"Smart" meters themselves record how much energy was spent this month – no need to run and take readings. Or the system itself is able to control the microclimate in the apartment
It is possible to optimize the work of urban transport with movement sensors, garbage cans with filling sensors. You can track where the car is and when it is time to drive up to load
Monitoring of soil condition: moisture, amount of fertilizers
Security systems with a large number of sensors, smart locks that automatically unlock doors when the owner comes home

Why develop for the Internet of Things?

The main reason is
the automation of processes, which will speed up production with devices and eliminate the human factor
This implies:
remote software update
data security using encryption algorithms
wireless communication
real tracking systems

Process of development

Analysis of requirements and clarified formulation of goals
Development for Internet of Things products
Software testing
We apply the manual testing to guarantee the proper product quality
Infrastructure maintenance. Problems response and troubleshooting if any bug is reported by the client

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