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An app for working with a smart lock

Industry Security
Location USA
Development 2021
Restricting access to premises with the ability to define and change the rights – a case that deserves special attention in our portfolio. In offices and industrial plants, the devices can be used both for comfort and for security reasons, to facilitate access for staff and create inaccessibility for outsiders.


Our team had the task of developing software to interact with a smart lock. The software was supposed to open and close the home lock by sending a command from a smartphone, issue a virtual reality password and revoke it if necessary, allow the door to open automatically, recognizing the owner, and control not only in line of sight but also over the Internet.

    Besides, we had to:

    • implement the ability to combine locks in sections and allow integration into smart home systems;
    • provide the ability to configure the virtual key and transfer it to other users, replacing if necessary with another key, and set a specific access time for individuals.


During the development it was decided to use modern technologies, such as wireless interfaces such as Bluetooth Low Energy. This allows you to save battery power, extend the life of a device and phone. With NFC technology, a quick and easy initial setup of the device was provided.

For remote use of the device and communication of the lock with the server to delegate access to the room, a socket connection was used MQTT technology.

Implementation of multilevel encryption, multiple levels of protection and the ability to work offline without an Internet connection.

Since the device for which the application was developed from scratch, it was decided to develop its own SDK to communicate with the device. That is, there was an implementation of a custom protocol for interaction with the device. This allowed any developer to further develop without having to spend time onboarding to interact with the device.

Stfalcon delivered a fully-functional product in just 4 months, meeting the client's expectations. The team utilized their impressive expertise to deliver high-quality work on time, making them a reliable development partner.
Mykhailo Tsyvaniuk


We have managed to develop an app for Android, ready for full use by end users.


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