Latest Technology Trends That Influence Future Of Businesses

Latest Technology Trends

Every year Future Today Institute publishes a report about latest technology trends, which will affect different sectors of the economy. In 2017 the number of innovations, mentioned in the forecast, was almost doubled if to compare to the previous year. Technologies evolve faster than ever and so that your business keeps pace with the times, you should pay attention to the latest technology trends. What innovations in IT sphere will be in demand in 2018 and how to apply the emerging technology trends for business development?

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How to Effectively Balance Work and Study?

Balance Work and Study

Ukrainian IT-industry lacks about 15 thousand specialists every year — it is a great opportunity for those who want to «enter the IT». However, the lack of personnel doesn’t mean that IT companies are ready to accept people without knowledge. Programming courses can be a good start if you decide to get practical knowledge in the IT field. We have prepared some tips on how to enhance productivity and to effectively balance work and study.

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Transport logistics automation: what is TMS?

система управления транспортом

Revenue from the long-distance freight trucking is expected to grow about $108B by 2020 only in the U.S. The transport industry’s potential is huge, however, the transport logistics automation is extremely low. The project for logistics sector can become a blue ocean for your startup. And if you are a transportation company’s owner — customized automation solution will help beat the competition and increase your profits. TMS is probably the most demanded solution for transport logistics automation. What is TMS and what opportunities does it open up for the transport industry?

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Celebrating the 8th anniversary of Stfalcon.com!

День рождения Stfalcon.com

This year our team celebrates its 8th anniversary! Since 2009 we have implemented more than 120 projects, including the largest logistics and postal services. The number of our employees grew over 45 professionals. As you know, the one who works hard plays hard also! «Especially for you!» the most interesting moments of the Stfalcon.com Birth celebration... Let’s go!

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Development of a High Load Project Like Amazon

Development of a high load project like Amazon

Amazon in the past year has produced a real boom in the financial market, when the company’s shares rose in price immediately doubled, overtaking the value of Google stock. The net revenue of Amazon.com in 2016 amounted to $136 Billion, and the number of active users has long exceeded the mark of 300 million. Maintaining and processing such a huge amount of data requires tremendous resources. In this article, we will find out, what to consider when developing a high-load project, considering the experience of Amazon.com.

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What Mobile App Monetization Strategy to Choose in 2018

Mobile App Monetization Strategy 2018

The way you are going to earn money from mobile app will influence the popularity of your future solution. Correctly chosen app monetization model will increase the loyalty of your target customers, meanwhile, the wrong monetization strategy may make them even to delete your app. Today we will find out how to make money from apps and what mobile app monetization strategy to prefer in 2018 to stay in the win.

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The role of QA manager in the offshore development team

The role of QA manager

One minute of Amazon’s downtime will cost its owners at least $66,000. The larger the project, the higher the cost of errors that cause incorrect resource operation. While no one is immune from force majeure, it is still cheaper to prevent a problem than to deal with consequences. In the IT-development field, greatest «law officers» are QA-specialists. What is the role of QA in the project team and what career can build the quality control specialist in IT?

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