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Free tools for designers: map creation

Free tools for map creation

Maps are now a must-have for almost every website. For many mobile applications interfaces, a map is also a necessary thing. If to talk of an Uber-like service — it couldn’t do without a map. How to create a unique map and not to spend a lot of time on the map design? These free tools for designers will help each designer to create a map easily in the style of service which they are developing.

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5 Reasons to Use Artificial Intelligence in Website Development

Artificial Intelligence in Website Development

In a recent article, we’ve mentioned that more and more users prefer searching for goods directly through the Amazon instead of googling. Large e-commerce companies are changing our attitude to online purchasing and, as a result, to website development. Successful e-commerce companies actively implement innovative technologies in their work — chatbots, voice search, and other AI solutions. Let’s discover benefits of Artificial Intelligence implementation for website development.

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iOS Swift 4: Today Extension

Today extension in iOS

There are various extensions that provide quick access to information without necessity to open app fully, in order to make iOS app convenient for use. All you need is just to swipe the main screen left and you will see a list of widgets — this is the Today extension which we will discuss in this article.

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Latest Technology Trends That Influence Future Of Businesses

Latest Technology Trends

Every year, Future Today Institute publishes a report about the latest technological trends, which will affect different sectors of the economy. In 2017, the number of innovations mentioned in the forecast, was almost doubled if to compare with the previous year. Technologies evolve faster than ever. And to keep your company's pace with the time, you should pay attention to the latest technological trends. What innovations in IT sphere will be in demand in 2018 and how to apply the emerging technology trends to business development?

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How to Effectively Balance Work and Study?

Balance Work and Study

Ukrainian IT-industry lacks about 15 thousand specialists every year — it is a great opportunity for those who want to «enter the IT». However, the lack of personnel doesn’t mean that IT companies are ready to accept people without knowledge. Programming courses can be a good start if you decide to get practical knowledge in the IT field. We have prepared some tips on how to enhance productivity and to effectively balance work and study.

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Transport Logistics Automation: What is TMS?

Transportation Management System

Revenue from the long-distance freight trucking is expected to grow about $108B by 2020 only in the U.S. The transport industry’s potential is huge, however, the transport logistics automation is extremely low. The project for logistics sector can become a blue ocean for your startup. And if you are a transportation company’s owner — customized automation solution will help beat the competition and increase your profits. TMS is probably the most demanded solution for transport logistics automation. What is TMS and what opportunities does it open up for the transport industry?

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