We build a stable and scalable infrastructure for your project

What is DevOps?
DEVelopment OPeration is a methodology aimed at improving the efficiency and safety of software development and operation (including increasing the frequency of releases)

What are DevOps services we provide?

A single service

for improving the project infrastructure

In complex solution

in the development of startups


of your web project with pay per month

Process of infrastructure support


Analyze the current software development cycle and IT infrastructure. Identify the expectations, capabilities, and constraints. Build device DevOps implementation strategy


  • Design the containerization approach
  • Design the CI/CD approach, define and configure CI/CD tools
  • Advise on the test automation approach and integration of continuous testing into the CI/CD pipeline
  • Design integration of laaC and configuration management tools with CI/CD tools
  • Design an automated monitoring solution
  • Locate DevOps-specific challenges

Set up

The infrastructure sets up at the start of the project


Support of the project after the release


Effective business transformation through migration to Kubernetes

DevOps Technology stack


  • DigitalOcean
  • AWS
  • GCP
  • Hetzner cloud

Infrastructure management

  • Terraform

Configuration management

  • Ansible
  • Puppet

Cluster management software

  • Kubernetes
  • +
  • Helm


  • Gitlab CI
  • Bitbucket Pipelines
  • GitHub Actions
  • Jenkins


  • Prometheus
  • Grafana
  • Alertmanager
  • Zabbix

Logs aggregation

  • Elasticsearch
  • Fluentd
  • Kibana

Errors tracking

  • Sentry


  • Ruby
  • Bash
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For container orchestration we use Kubernetes

Easy development
Kubernetes speeds up the processes of software creation, test performance, and product releases

Greater flexibility

Kubernetes flexibility grows with your project development to deliver your applications consistently and easily, no matter how complex your need is

Projects scaling

With Kubernetes you can scale your application up and down with a simple command, with an UI, or automatically, based on CPU usage

Simple & Quick Updates

Automated rollouts and rollbacks allow automating Kubernetes to create new containers for your deployment, remove existing containers, and adopt all their resources to the new container

Our Kubernetes projects


A car order service
We created a complete set of flexible services for launching the new system on the market. We prepared screens’ design for the client and the driver, developed native apps for iOS and Android, created an API and a backend. This will allow us to develop the business further and make the necessary alterations, and scaling the system in the future.
Read the full case study in our portfolio

Vsi. Svoi

The largest online platform of Ukrainian brands
Advanced technologies and practices have made it possible to create a modern infrastructure that meets business requirements. This provides the ability to quickly make the required changes, monitor all components, increase computing power in case of growth in the load on services, and simplify the process of developing and delivering new versions to production.
Read the full case study in our portfolio


Online platform for ordering services
All the system components were redesigned from scratch, the operational stability of the product was improved as well as its speed and convenience of the app and Admin Panel usage. What is important — all the users were preserved in the process of app redesign.
Read the full case study in our portfolio
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