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Vsi. Svoi — creating containerized infrastructure with Kubernetes

Industry E-commerce
Location Kyiv, Ukraine
Development 2020
Vsi. Svoi is the largest platform of Ukrainian brands, founded in 2015. In 2016 the platform had 4 offline markets in Kyiv, about 10 directions of markets and an online platform.


The client asked us to improve the project infrastructure and provide the opportunity to add new sections to the site. Stfalcon's task was to move to a containerized infrastructure with Kubernetes:

  • increase the overall reliability of the infrastructure and the percentage of service availability,
  • simplify the process of making changes, ensure the identity of dev/staging/production environments,
  • speed up and secure the process of delivering changes to environments.
  • Also, one more task was to add new sections: Home and Decor


When building new infrastructure, IaaS Hetzner Cloud was chosen, which combines a favorable cost and high quality of services provided, and also has all the basic functionality required to build a modern and flexible infrastructure.

It was decided to use containerization since this approach simplifies further maintenance and allows you to increase the frequency of releases, simplify horizontal scaling, and ensure the identity of the configuration in environments. The orchestrator was Kubernetes, an industry-standard that incorporates Google's many years of experience in serving containerized workloads.

When deploying the new infrastructure, Terraform was also used, which allows implementing the concept of Infrastructure as Code (IaC). This made it possible to simplify making changes and fully automate the addition of new nodes to the Kubernetes cluster. Also, Continuous delivery was configured for all applications using Gitlab CIstore CD.

The Stfalcon team analyzed the platform and produced a ready-made solution to make the existing software meet our business process requirements. It's incredibly pleasant to work with a team that is immersed in the project processes. Special thanks to the founder and the CEO for communication, understanding, and finding a way out of difficult situations.
Anastasia Karida
Ecommerce Marketing Head


Advanced technologies and practices have made it possible to create a modern infrastructure that meets business requirements. This provides the ability to quickly make the required changes, monitor all components, increase computing power in case of growth in the load on services, and simplifies the process of developing and delivering new versions to production.


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