Transportation and Logistics Software Development

Innovative Technologies for Passenger Transportation and Freight Forwarding

We develop logistics, supply chain, and transportation management solutions

Modern supply chains and ridership are unmanageable without well-designed software. We develop end-to-end logistics and transportation IT products that offer superior visibility into events and resources, ensuring enhanced productivity and profitability. If your workflow is unique to your niche, it's worth considering custom software to automate warehouse management, handle orders, or track locations.

Freight Forwarding Software

Security, transparency, and velocity are the primary demands in the freight shipping industry. Digitizing cargo transportation allows for the direct management of vehicles en route with the ability to make efficient decisions and inform clients on time.

  • Digital vehicle inspection tools
  • Fleet management software
  • Transportation management systems
  • Apps for drivers
  • Telematics solutions
  • GPS-trackers & location statistics apps
Read about SmartSeeds - application for oils and seeds transportation

Passenger Transportation Solutions

Customers expect transportation companies to be reachable at any time from any location. Sufficient management software guarantees passenger satisfaction, along with applications for easy ticket selling and distribution. If you run a business selling bus, train, or other tickets, you might need:

  • Booking management software
  • Automated scheduling functionality
  • Dispatch software
  • Apps for ticket selling and passenger service

Logistics Software Automation

IT solutions help manage warehouses and shipments, optimize delivery, and provide customers with instant reports. Leveraging our experience with one of the largest parcel delivery services, we can assist with:

  • Route optimization solutions
  • Proof of delivery software and mobile apps
  • Warehouse management systems
  • Supply chain management

Case Studies

  • BBGO


    Car order service

  • MeinFernbus


    Web project and website design for Germany's largest passenger transportation company

  • SmartSeeds


    Innovative service for cargo transportation