What is the discovery phase? The process and its deliverables

What is discovery phase?
An information-gathering procedure, which brings an in-depth comprehension of the industry, the client’s business, and the target audience. It’s important to gain an understanding of the stakeholders’ anticipations of the product and the end-users expectations as to it. As a result of the discovery phase, the client receives a clear project quotation, with the scope and plan of works required and proper cost estimation
  • 01Lean Model Canvas
    Conceptual description of the business model of your product for MVP
  • 02Customer Journey Map
    A visual scheme of the user interaction with the product
  • 03User Flow
    Schematic screens of the software solution and transitions between them
  • 04User Stories
    A brief description of how the system will be used
  • 05Project Charter
    A description of the product essence and objectives


  • Designer/Business analyst
  • Technical specialist
  • Project manager


  • 3 weeks

Our projects


a food ordering app
We adapted native iOS to the native Android elements, prepared graphics and UI Kit for developers, worked out the plan of migration to the new backend and the existing clients’ base synchronization with the future one.
Read the full case study in our portfolio

Logistic Company

Project under the NDAs
We collected and analyzed the information about the project, the expected market, the audience, and as a result, our clients received: product vision document; user stories separated into MVP and Release 2; estimated budget, and timelines for MVP and Release 2.
Read the full case study in our portfolio

Real Estate Company

Project under the NDAs
The client got a complex solution for both the MVP and the 2 release versions of the future product, including web and mobile apps. We created detailed prototypes, user stories, product vision, and a budget plan.
Read the full case study in our portfolio
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