What is the cost of UberEats-like app development?

The famous Uber, having investments in millions has developed UberEats and it became the most successful, ground-breaking venture in the sphere. It inspires new startups to take the cue from its colossal success and start food delivery app development.

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Food delivery services have become a perfect way to satisfy hunger in our hectic times, and mobile food ordering apps benefit greatly to the affordability and simplicity of the process. With just a tap on a mobile screen, anybody now can select and get almost any dish of almost any cuisine at almost no time.

Simple users benefit from the opportunities of the contemporary food delivery platforms. However not only, cafe and restaurant owners and investors also have their profit out of such services.

Let’s find out the cost of creating an app similar to UberEats.

To define the value of such an undertaking we should first specify the major features of such an app. Further on we are touching upon the users’ app functionality and the restaurant owners app version.

Food delivery app development for consumers

In the development of an UberEats-like food delivery service app for users, the following functions are inevitable.

1. Registration and Login

Sign-in page is the entrance into the application, and for the user to continue his journey a developer should make the processes of registration and authorization simple and hassle-free. So it’s better to provide multiple options for registration — you can, for instance, request a name, an email, a mobile number and a password or allow entry via the social profiles.

2. Order placing

In fact, it’s a complex process containing several successive steps, the creators should aim to make this experience easy and satisfying for the users. You can also take care that the interaction with your application would be more personalized to the customers with reference to their preferences.

UberEats' order placing

So to achieve an innovative and hassle-free approach to the customer include such features into your application as:

Food Categories, Search

A good food delivery app should reveal the wide choice of food menus from all the cafes and restaurants combined on the platform, while also the reflection of content, pictures, prices, and special offers should not be jumble.

So it’s a good idea to divide dishes into categories with detailed subcategorization. The hungry user should also have direct access to search and be able to just type the name of the favorite dish and get proposals of it.

Order Customization

People like to customize their menu or certain dishes, having individual tastes and likings. So it’s reasonable to add a feature, which will allow the customers to indicate their specific demands.

Order Checkout

As soon as the foodstuff is selected, the checkout procedure should follow. The possibility to alter the chosen items and to check the final bill amount after applying discounts and promo codes should be implemented here.

3. Payment

On confirming the order, payment follows and the more methods to pay you offer, the more clients you would gain. Add as many options as you can just think of. Integrate the possibility of card payments, third-party gateways like PayPal and e-wallets along with Google and Apple payments, whatever.

At the same time, let your customer have a Cash on Delivery option.

UberEats' customization

4. Notifications

The client should be kept notified on the up-to-the-minute status of the order. So SMS or push notifications should be implemented for the purpose.

5. Order Tracking

The modern tracking technology nowadays allows the users to track their orders, GPS technology is of use here. Such a facility helps the clients see the estimated delivery time, follow the order travel to the destination up-to-the-moment, and offers some kind of relief from the anxiety of waiting!

6. Reviews and Rating

At present these features have already become a vital feature of any app, people first read others feedback and only then make their final decision nowadays. So let your users share their experience either by means of a five-star rating or detailed review.

7. Features to enhance the version

While all the above features — are an utter necessity in food ordering app development, there are also some advanced functions, which can help you craft the best food ordering app ever. Here you may consider adding the possibility of wish-list creation or order history preservation for a certain period, or any other features useful for the users of your app.

Food delivery service app design

UI/UX design is nowadays the crucial element, which can get the app an immense drive or alienate certain customers. Keeping this in mind, you should concentrate on the convenience and swiftness of order placement procedures. Each design element should be clearly visible and intuitive to use.

The clients should not have any questions when using the application.

The main elements to concentrate on should be your main page, restaurant selection page and dishes dominating in the menu.

UberEats' design

Food ordering app for restaurants’ owners

This is the other side of mobile app for restaurant ordering and it has certain distinguishing features. The main of which are admin and control rights and various dashboards and categories management.

Let’s look at it in more detail.


The restaurant owner/admin login process should be even easier than the users’ one.

Menu items management

Restaurant owners should have the possibility to adjust their menus and catalogs to keep up with the clients’ demand and preferences.

Order management

A simple and clear system of order checking and verification should be created so that the admin could get all the necessary details from the restaurant order taking app any time.

Push notifications

This function is especially handy for on-demand app development. It can help keep track of the orders with COD payment.

Control panel

The most important part of any restaurant mobile app development is crafting the CP — control panel and admin rights implementation. It should be realized in such a way that the owner can administer all the operations and activities inside the application, and manage the database.

Payment options

The admin dashboard should be created with the management option for the payments received, sources they come from, and orders placed.

Technology Stack

During the food delivery apps development, it’s essential to take into consideration that different technologies should be applied for Android and iOS applications design and creation. The tools the platforms rely on are different and diverse third-party APIs can be implemented for them. These factors along with some others influence the cost of the restaurant mobile app design and development.

Cost Approximation

The approximate estimations of the food service app development cost results in about 500 hours of development work and around 200 hours of design, which approximately equals 35 thousand dollars in money equivalent. However, you should remember that every project cost always depends on the scope of work, its complexity, and personal wishes, so the estimations should be done for every project individually.


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