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Arian CRM

We have improved the design and developed the backend for CRM software of a construction company “ARIAN”. It specializes in building machinery and transportation rental. This type of construction management software helps to perform customer relationship management. Process automation includes:

  • custom machinery selection on client’s demand;
  • order status tracking;
  • machinery grouping;
  • customer and supplier data storage.

Visual Style

We wanted to preserve the resemblance with the company’s previous BPM software interface, to which the clients had been accustomed.

We left primary colors but improved shades. We made the red darker, calmer, and more sober, less garish. The sidebar became dark, and it highlighted the main working area.


We left Source Sans as the basic shift since it fitted in the interface and met the targets.

Page Structure

We redesigned and optimized common site blocks. The search block was relocated from the sidebar to the headline, and the user menu was placed on the left above the sections. We also managed to compress the bar with action buttons. Actions were divided into priority and less important. We got rid of excessive contours and nested elements. In the bottom of the working area, we placed a fixed table bottom and page navigator.


Business process management software interface contains a lot of tables. That’s why we paid particular attention to their display. We took into account both the number of elements and columns and made it possible to hide columns.

We balanced between the convenience of reading and the amount of displayed information. It is possible to filter the sample by each column. All orders, clients and machinery suppliers are displayed in tables.


The nomenclature, or the catalog of prices and machinery which the client can deal with, is displayed in a unique table. Managers can easily change the price of any item.

The system automatically calculates the margin in percentage and in cash. Name and column filters allow forming a necessary sample quickly and easily. All old prices are archived. At any moment, a manager can check an old price or undo changes in the catalog.


The order is made in six steps. These steps are displayed in six numbered tabs. As the managers proceed in filling in the order form, they get access to new tabs. Finally, the rental price is calculated based on the data provided.

Clients and suppliers, customer relationship management

The most important part of any CRM software is a customer database. Our construction management software contains not only basic clients’ data but the information about their employees, contracts, prices, sites, and files. In addition, there is suppliers’ database which contains lists of construction and road machinery for rent and lists of drivers.


  • Igor Fedun
    Igor Fedun

    Project Manager

  • Roma Rudavsky
    Roma Rudavsky

    Project Manager

  • Oleg


  • Yulia


  • Anton Tymchuk
    Anton Tymchuk

    Front End Developer

  • Ruslan

    Front End Developer

  • Andrey Siagrovskyi
    Andrey Siagrovskyi

    Front End Developer

  • Mykhailo Vilshansky
    Mykhailo Vilshansky

    Back End Developer

  • Yurii Svatok
    Yurii Svatok

    Back End Developer

  • Andrij

    Back End Developer

  • Yevhen


  • Misha

    QA Manager

  • Svetlana Bolgar
    Svetlana Bolgar

    QA Manager

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