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Online booking system for meetings with the doctor


— We think you are assigned to one and the same doctor at every visit — someone you recognize and who knows you. It provides continuity and creates security through all stages of life.


Our client is a medical center located in Sweden (the project under the NDAs), specialized in general medicine with around 20 000 listed patients. At present making an appointment with a doctor is an inconvenient process — the patient comes to the reception, provides his physical id and the assistant puts him into the queue. After that, the patient has to wait until the doctors assign patients to themselves and only then he can see the doctor.

The goal of the project is to develop an online booking system for making appointments with the doctors in the medical center and to design a landing page for this system. Also, this solution should allow registration and the choice of a doctor for new patients.


The range of services provided by Stfalcon covers full-cycle product development and includes business analysis, user flows, user experience and user interface design, front-end development, backend development, manual testing, quality assurance, and implementation.

The Stfalcon team started working on the project by meeting with the client, discussing the whole project and creating the user flows for all booking cases: for a new patient without/with kids, for a registered patient without/with kids. It helped the team understand the project in detail to make a more accurate estimation of the project. The booking system include a few steps:

  • Login with banking ID
  • Choosing a free time slot of my doctor
  • Choosing an interpreter (since the system is refugees — as well as natives-oriented)
  • Payment with Klarna or use FreeCard

The final step it’s go to the clinic and meet with his/her doctor.

To simplify and speed the developer’s work up the design team created a flexible system, which allows adapting screens quickly from mobile to tablet and desktop.

— Our own know-hows and experience in the REST API systems realization and integration with BankID and Klarna payment system allowed us to significantly decrease the time of development from the first line of the code and to the first working app version.
Pavlo Popov
Backend developer


We have implemented an easy and fast authorization in the application. The application was developed for Sweden, so BankID was chosen. QR code and confirmation of personal data. The whole procedure goes through the Swedish Banks and makes it easy to identify the client’s identity. In the process, we used a progressive JavaScript frameworks — Vue.js and implemented a plug-in to integrate the described authorization method in this application.

Backend processes REST API queries of the frontend part of the app. The app’s native data are stored in DBMS PostgreSQL, the data exchange is also realized with the client databases — DisplayScreen (Microsoft SQLServer) and J4 (Microsoft SQLServer). Backend realizes the integration with a number of third-party services:

  • BankID
  • Klarna
  • Listing
  • FreeCard


We developed an online service for booking appointments with the doctor in which the new users can register and choose their own doctor to visit. The patients thus got the opportunity to book appointments with the doctors and pay for them online.


  • Pavlo Popov
    Pavlo Popov

    Backend Developer

  • Andrij

    Backend Developer

  • Petro

    Frontend Developer

  • Mykola Starikov
    Mykola Starikov

    Frontend Developer

  • Yulia


  • Oleksandra Bitiuk
    Oleksandra Bitiuk


  • Andrey

    System Administrator

  • Olha Dubyna
    Olha Dubyna

    Project Manager

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