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Vethem Dashboard — an interface re-design for consultant veterinarians

Industry Veterinary
Location Stockholm, Sweden
Development 2019
— Every service has Frontstage, the front part serving customers, and Backstage, the part concealed from staff. They say what happens in your kitchen determines what you have in your plate. That is why Vethem approached the design of their app’s Backstage responsibly.

A little earlier, our company had developed Vethem client applications for iOS and Android, which allow the users to order a consultation with a veterinarian and receive it in the format of video or audio call.

After the new client application release, our customer began to think over the effectiveness of the outdated functionality for the consulting veterinarian.


Our task was to redesign the veterinarian’s app interface, at the same time retain all the existing functions and make them more convenient.

The consulting veterinarian should be able to:

  • find out his working schedule;
  • see the scheduled calls;
  • receive video and audio calls;
  • make entries into the pet’s health diary during the call;
  • be able to see the clients’ and their animals’ cards;
  • and so on.

The site for the Administrator also required a redesign, so that he could:

  • manage the veterinarians’ workload;
  • plan veterinarians' schedule according to their workload and vacations;
  • manage the base of veterinarians and clients;
  • etc.


Stfalcon has redesigned the current site according to the customer requirements as to UX enhancement and added new features aimed at the improvement of working hours planning and convenience of requests handling.

The biggest challenge was the calendar, with the advanced functionality which was developed entirely from scratch.


We have taken all the client’s and users’ requirements into account and redesigned the interface of the app: we reduced routine actions, visualized the veterinarians’ workload and schedule in the calendar, added new functions for managing the service on part of the administrator.


  • Oleksandr Kovalenko
    Oleksandr Kovalenko

    Project Manager

  • Mykola Anikieienko
    Mykola Anikieienko


  • Pavlo Popov
    Pavlo Popov

    Backend Developer

  • Dmytro Tolok
    Dmytro Tolok

    Frontend Developer