Open source projects of studio

Many companies providing web and app development services use open source solutions in their work. Studio is not an exception: our favorite PHP framework Symfony2 is distributed under free software license from MIT. That’s why we are trying to contribute to open source projects and pay back to the community

Symfony2 bundles

In Symfony2 PHP framework everything is organized using bundles that can be easily added to the project if you need certain functions. Studio has written the following bundles:

  1. TinymceBundle for adding WYSIWYG editor to Symfony2.
  2. PortfolioBundle for creating simple portfolio for Symfony2 project.
  3. NewsBundle for adding news in SonataAdmin.
  4. BlogBundle for creating blog (publications, tags, read more, inserting code, breadcrumbs, pagination, unit tests, widget from Disqus for comments). The blog you are reading now is created using this bundle :)

DevOps tools

Staginator simplifies creation of staging environments for your projects using all the power of Docker and Gitlab integration. It will take your several minutes to deploy environment for new projects for different branches.

Creating new project:

Creating new project in Staginator

Choose one of the templates (Docker images) and add webhook to GitLab for automatic deployment of branch during push. After receiving email notification you can run/stop containers for each branch:

Running and stopping containers in Staginator

You can forward any port from container:

Forwarding port in Staginator

In containers you can find mailcatcher for testing email newsletters, docker web terminal etc. This tool also supports Slack notifications.

Functions available in Staginator containers

You can customize templates (short help is available from inside the application), create and connect your own images.

Container customization in Staginator

Another tool we’ve created is called captainfailure. It’s a distributed monitoring system that performs active checks of service availability via ICMP and checks whether certain port or http protocol is open by code and keyword from several satellites. It means you can check availability of your servers from different geographic locations. This tool supports several notification methods: email, SMS and Slack.

Check in Staginator

Server with satellites in Staginator

Unlocker 3D for Android

In studio we have created app called Unlocker 3D for Android (source code is available under GNU license) used for unlocking mobile device with a pre-recorded gesture. Gesture tracking and recording are based on the data received from the gyroscope and accelerometer sensors of the device. We described the development process in a separate article.

Unlocker 3D for Android

Plugins and minimalistic theme for LiveStreet

LiveStreet is content management system written in PHP. We used it to develop Cookorama cooking site, MySKU recommendation service and several interest-based community websites. For LiveStreet we have created minimalistic Street Spirit theme based on the HTML layout of the default theme. Thanks to it this theme works correctly with third-party plugins.

Street Spirit theme for LiveStreet

Apart from theme, we have created 16 LiveStreet plugins. Here are some of them:

  1. ls-plugin_mailing plugin for sending messages on sites with a lot of users. Recipients can be filtered by sex (male, female, not specified) and language. You can view all mailing lists and their progress.
  2. ls-plugin_lsgallery plugin that allows users to create photo albums with various privacy settings, upload photos and tag friends on them.
  3. ls-plugin_treeblogs plugin for creating tree blogs.

Plugins and theme for OpenCart

OpenCart is a content management system for online shops. Some time ago we have contributed into its development by creating several plugins and Tecart theme for online shops selling computers, cell phones and other electronic devices:

Tecart theme for OpenCart CMS

WordPress theme

Wordpress is a popular CMS for blogs. That’s why we have created Snowberry Wordpress theme with contrast headings:

Snowberry Wordpress theme

You can check out all open source projects of studio on our GitHub page.

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