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How to Effectively Balance Work and Study?

Balance Work and Study

Ukrainian IT-industry lacks about 15 thousand specialists every year — it is a great opportunity for those who want to «enter the IT». However, the lack of personnel doesn’t mean that IT companies are ready to accept people without knowledge. Programming courses can be a good start if you decide to get practical knowledge in the IT field. We have prepared some tips on how to enhance productivity and to effectively balance work and study.

10 Tips on How to Create a Great LinkedIn Profile for Your Business

create great linkedin profile

A good Linkedin profile is one of the most important things in personal branding and a strong tool for business development. Best sales linkedin profiles bring huge benefits to its owners and companies they work for. How to make a good Linkedin Summary and other tips and tricks which will help you to optimize your Linkedin profile that will well serve your business?

How to develop a successful IT project on GitHub

How to develop a successful IT project on GitHub

Our company’s public account at GitHub has taken the 4th place among more than 2K of IT-outsourcing companies in Ukraine. Great contribution to this success is made by Android developers but the Open Source community is also supported by other company’s employees for many years. In this article, our experts have prepared recommendations on how to create a successful IT-project on GitHub.