It is good then a dispute brings the truth, and doesn’t turn into trivial quarrel. In the first variant there is an efficient teamwork, and in the second-wrong approach to job design.

A result, a customer and then buyers of a product or a service satisfaction level, depends on how complex a project and its development quality were.

Background Information
of Interface «Ship Design»

Proper Web Interface design is an inescapable link in the chain of qualitative realization, which contains both user behavior model and product functionality.

At The first stage, the type of audience is determined, goals and aims are set to be achieved or solved. All user actions are worked through «interaction map» where all behavioral factors analyzed, results are compared and the most proper way of graphical and text data display is shown.

If you break down all web interface design into steps, you can get the next work stages:

If you decide to order UI design services from Stfalcon, you will also get an author web interface prototyping support and product specification preparation which includes all system functionality, architecture and operation specifications. We can help you even with game prototyping.

We provide you with a perfect working system and full set of documents, which allow you to react quickly to system requirement changes. Considering the up-to-date projects activity rate, it is an essential advantage, which our company gives you, and it allows you to follow the successful path of interaction with client without a doubt.

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