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Running PHPUnit Tests with Code Coverage in PHPStorm When Working in Docker

Running PHP Unit tests with code coverage in PhpStorm

In PhpStorm, there is a possibility to create Run/Debug Configurations and to run them from IDE. It allows the project participants to share common configurations using a ‘Shared’ flag in the settings. One of such operations is running unit tests in the course of development. Let’s discuss how to fine-tune this process by means of Docker.

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Deploying Symfony2 applications on Heroku Cloud

Heroku Cloud Symfony2 application deployment

When working on my small home project on Symfony2, I needed to deploy it on staging for testing API from the outside. Sure, you need some hosting for this purpose: either have it already or buy it. Yet there is an alternative — the cloud services where you can host your site for free but with limited resources. There are a lot of such services now and they are competing with each other. Somehow I decided to try Heroku. I heard about it a long time ago and at that point it crossed my mind. I didn’t look on other services, this time I just wanted to try my luck with Heroku. Fortunately, Heroku still has a free web hosting option so I started to search all the information needed for Symfony2 application deployment.

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Km Code'n'Coffee #3. Feedback from a participant

Hello everybody. Our studio has held another mini-conference Km Code'n'Coffee # 3 for IT people from Khmelnytskyi. This time the event took place in our new office. By the way, the office is spacious and modern — a perfect place for such gatherings. About 50 people attended the conference, among them Rudavskyi Roman. He is my friend and I was glad to see him joining us. Roman was pleased with the conference and decided to write a review of the event. It's awesome to get such feedback! We decided to share his impressions in our blog. It's the first time, we've posted a review from the participant. Enjoy!

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