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Running PHPUnit Tests with Code Coverage in PHPStorm When Working in Docker

Running PHP Unit tests with code coverage in PhpStorm

In PhpStorm, there is a possibility to create Run/Debug Configurations and to run them from IDE. It allows the project participants to share common configurations using a ‘Shared’ flag in the settings. One of such operations is running unit tests in the course of development. Let’s discuss how to fine-tune this process by means of Docker.

Code commenting and PHP documentation generation

Code commenting and PHP documentation generation

Why do we need comments in code? How to write them? Where they are necessary and where they are not? How to comment code correctly? How to create the same documentation style for all members of the team? What are the tools for documentation generation? I will try to answer all the questions and share with you my ideas about this question.

Deploying Symfony2 applications on Heroku Cloud

Heroku Cloud Symfony2 application deployment

When working on my small home project on Symfony2, I needed to deploy it on staging for testing API from the outside. Sure, you need some hosting for this purpose: either have it already or buy it. Yet there is an alternative — the cloud services where you can host your site for free but with limited resources. There are a lot of such services now and they are competing with each other. Somehow I decided to try Heroku. I heard about it a long time ago and at that point it crossed my mind. I didn’t look on other services, this time I just wanted to try my luck with Heroku. Fortunately, Heroku still has a free web hosting option so I started to search all the information needed for Symfony2 application deployment.

Km Code'n'Coffee #3. Feedback from a participant

Hello everybody. Our studio has held another mini-conference Km Code'n'Coffee # 3 for IT people from Khmelnytskyi. This time the event took place in our new office. By the way, the office is spacious and modern — a perfect place for such gatherings. About 50 people attended the conference, among them Rudavskyi Roman. He is my friend and I was glad to see him joining us. Roman was pleased with the conference and decided to write a review of the event. It's awesome to get such feedback! We decided to share his impressions in our blog. It's the first time, we've posted a review from the participant. Enjoy!