Device for Increasing the Efficiency of Street Sirens

Stfalcon Wins a Clutch Global Award

Stfalcon has successfully developed a revolutionary product aimed at enhancing the efficiency of street sirens during wartime in Ukraine and ultimately saving lives. By thoroughly evaluating existing technological solutions in the market, we chose to build upon the GSM alarm controller provided by the esteemed Ukrainian company OKO. Leveraging this foundation, we have designed a device that effectively addresses the task.

Development of a Device for Remote Control of Street Sirens

The dedicated team at Stfalcon implemented a central server that automates the transmission of alarms and outage notifications to the devices. Furthermore, we have developed a user-friendly web interface that enables remote management of the devices. This intuitive interface allows users to monitor the status of the devices, manually activate or deactivate the sirens, and grant control permissions to field contractors. In the event of a loss in communication between the device and the server, the administrator is promptly notified via SMS.

Innovative Product and Advanced Technologies

Our product combines cutting-edge technology with advanced features, creating a comprehensive solution for optimizing street sirens' operations. By integrating the OKO GSM alarm controller and leveraging our central server and web interface, we have introduced a game-changing device that ensures the efficient functioning of street sirens, even in critical times.

The most important development flow was the architecture for the SDK development. We used Clear Architecture with Interactors. We also separated the platform-dependent code into a separate submodule with external implementation directly on the platforms. SDK integration with the platforms was, by the way, the most difficult step.

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