You are Never Too Old or Too Young to be an App Developer

You are Never Too Old or Too Young to be an App Developer

Today one can say that the modern world runs on software, and will be quite right. Can you just imagine, the number of devices worldwide has already exceeded 9 trillion? In our time software and mobile app developers are in fact the architects shaping the future.

No surprise that IT sector experiences constant growth and around 40 million people worldwide are involved in creating some kind of code. There are plenty of web and app development companies, individual specialists and freelancers, doing this interesting, challenging and important work.

Global Developer Population by Evans Data Corp

There is plenty of info about the contemporary best web and app developers, however, the so-called unknowns should also be mentioned. These are people who have nothing to do with any IT-related or development company, and possibly working full time in other fields. Still, they are involved in coding or other kinds of developer work part-time, as a hobby, or just for personal needs.

This article is devoted to some not typical, yet outstanding developers, who started as the unknowns, but occasionally became famous all over the world due to their unusual accomplishments and talent.

All the person we’ll tell you today about have proved that it’s really never too early or too late to become an app developer if you have enough desire to learn and practice something new.

82-year-old app developer from Japan

Meet the oldest app developer from Japan Masako Wakamiya. She is a living example that aging is no barrier to coding and in fact to anything new a person may want to try. As soon as the woman retired, she was extremely happy to get more time for herself and communication with friends, however, it was easier to do it online. So Masako purchased her first PC and mastered it after she turned 60 years already. She quickly mastered the computer due to the Mellow Club — an online club for seniors.

She quickly became a tutor there and helped people of age like herself master computers, internet, and software. That’s where she faced the problem of lack of apps for elderly people. Having been refused by some young developers to do the job, she made up her mind to take the challenge and to create an application herself.

Soon a free game for iOS designed specifically for older Japanese audience appeared, bearing the name Hinadan. It has got nearly five stars on the Apple App Store, and exceeded 55 000 downloads in its first year.

The app is based on the Doll Festival Hina Matsuri in Japan and was widely embraced by elderly women, who enjoy playing it with their daughters and granddaughters. Masako Wakamiya met up with Apple representatives in Japan and was even invited to Silicon Valley, where Apple SEO Tim Cook confessed he was inspired by her.

Stfalcon team also can not, but takes inspiration from this Japanese application developer. Learning from her to take any challenge the life offers, we are ready to improve our professional skills continuously.

13-year-old developer owning a software company

Aadithyanath Rajesh, started using PC at the age of 5, created his first app at 9 and became a head of ‘Trinet Solutions’ Software Company in Dubai at 13. As a point of fact to become a legitimate company owner he should be 18, nevertheless, he and his three friends function as an IT company, providing free coding and design services to the clients, already 12 in total.

By the way, our company also contributes to Open Source and has a number of free apps for developers and not only.

But how did it all begin with Aadithyanath Rajesh? When he was a child his family moved to Kerala, his dad showed him a site where they taught typing. The website was meant for children and the boy took it as a learning opportunity, he did make use of it to good effect. Soon he got interested in site creation and design. Developing his skills in coding he made his first app at the age of 9 just to beat the boredom. Now Aadi continues his education and looks forward to coming of age and being able to establish a real IT company.

A 9-year-old girl having made a site and working on a mobile app

Emmanuelle Oziofu from Nigeria is the next in our extraordinary-developers list. She created a site about healthy food to launch it on her 9th birthday in 2018. The main aim of little Emmanuelle was to encourage healthy eating habits among adults and kids and to make them cut down the popular junk food.

The site is about African food as well as continental dishes, it also contains a list of restaurants in different cities worldwide. Additionally one can find a form for the users’ feedback on it.

The girl continued improving her site and started working on a mobile app to complement it. Actually, Emmanuelle is one of the youngest persons involved in mobile app development and her example is quite inspiring.

A 25-year-old developer who created 600 applications without being able to code

While a young girl from Nigeria is just planning to launch her app on Google Play Store, a 25-year-old Hayward-Mayhew became the most outstanding IOS dev due to his creative approach. He flooded more than six hundred separate gaming applications ranking close to 1 million USD to the Play Store, though he was even unable to code.

Being unable to program himself, Hayward-Mayhew hired developers to make a gaming app for him, based on detailed instructions. iOS was given a priority due to the two facts, firstly he was an Apple user himself and besides creating an Android app meant the necessity to optimize it for all kinds of devices.

So having received a great source code he re-skinned it to make tens of different games based on the one and the same concept. Thus a runner can become a racer just through a simple changing of graphics. Studying the demand you can re-skin your app and make money rapidly responding to the changing tastes of the audience.

Actually, Hayward-Mayhew’s business model can become a perfect example for any person interested in technology and money making.


We hope you’ve got some inspiration from the amazing examples of Masako Wakamiya, Aadithyanath Rajesh, Emmanuelle Oziofu and Hayward-Mayhew. You can start learning coding right now, try out app development at your level or just be resolute to start making money.

Developing an app has a number of benefits even for an inexperienced entrepreneur. You can always experiment with in-app purchases, premium apps, or free ones in which earnings are determined by ad revenue.

So, if you have made up your mind to create your own app just start. In case you do not know the coding you can always hire a mobile application development company to do it for you.

A perfect example of such a company can become Stfalcon. We have recently been acknowledged one of the top web and mobile app development companies and besides our team has extensive expertise in IT services of various kinds. More than that, we are always eager to make perfect work on your request.