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DreamTrak — goal achievement tracking app

Industry Lifestyle
Location USA
Development 2019

— Today’s youth have the power to define the world of tomorrow and need to be challenged beyond what is taught in school. DreamTrak providing a platform that helps plan the necessary steps to achieve any goal, big or small.

Errin Tran, CEO of DreamTrak

Stfalcon Task

To create an application for accomplishing the actions that help reach goals and record daily thought, mood via video and audio. And create a special feature for students — homework tracker.


Stfalcon provided full-cycle product development:

  • User Experience Design
  • Interface Design
  • Android and iOS Development
  • Manual testing
  • Quality assurance and
  • Implementation

The first thing our team did was the research and analysis of the application’s target audience- teenagers. Since this age group is usually overconfident as to their web abilities, but demonstrates lower performance, reading level and undeveloped research skills, we made up our mind to create a playful UI design.

— This is our first cross-platform app that reached the production and we are proud of the result.

Oleksandr Krol, Mobile Developer


Almost from the very beginning, we made up our mind to use the gaining popularity Flutter SDK. The main decisive factors were the speed of development and the single code base for iOS and Android. It’s nowadays extremely important for the rapidly growing apps.

First, the iOS app version was crafted, then some UI elements were adopted for Android. We used Flutter for cross-platform development because it helps quickly and easily build UIs and fix bugs. Stfalcon developers managed to achieve the UI behavior, which is practically indistinguishable from that of the native apps and, at the same time to preserve the distinguishing features of both platforms. Besides, due to the usage of BLoC architecture combined with the Clean Architecture principles we’ve got an app flexible to support. Since the app has two types of users with different systems of action checking: students and other people, these two groups were united in one system and differentiated only in the statuses of checking — 3 for student and 2 for the rest of the audience. This solution was beneficial both for the users, simplifying their life, and for the backend team, making their work easier as well.

The backend was divided into two parts. The first one is an admin panel that allows performing a number of operations, for instance, to manage users and reference data, look the feedbacks through and so on. The second part is the REST API for data exchange with the client mobile app. In the frame of the app business logic, Google and Facebook logins and the integration with the services sending SMS and push-notifications were implemented. We also used ElasticSearch to speed up the search results.

The testing and operation environments are realized in Kubernetes. It allows testing the application in the conditions most closely approximating production. The Kubernetes technology in its turn increases the reliability and the fault tolerance of the product server part as well as the system as a whole.


A reliable and fault tolerable app that combines homework management tracking for students and goals achievement management for everyone with the system of motivation and social approval was created. The app is already launched in Google Play and App Store and available for download.


  • Anastasiia

    Project Manager

  • Yulia


  • Oleksandr

    Android Developer

  • Artem

    Backend Developer

  • Yevhenii Vaskevych
    Yevhenii Vaskevych

    Backend Developer

  • Volodymyr Atanov
    Volodymyr Atanov

    QA Team Lead

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