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Charity app development to help the homeless change lifestyle

Industry Charity
Location England
Development 2019–2020

There are many entities that raise money to help the homeless. However, helping to live another day is not an option, we need to focus on the assistance to change such people’s lives.

Stfalcon's Task

To create an app, which would provide more info about the homeless person. To help those in need to change their lifestyle and acquire certain career opportunities.


We created a service in which you can not only donate money but see the people’s stories, understand why they have become such ones and help them change.

In each profile, there is a story and photographs of each person in need, it creates a real connection between the homeless and the user, causes emotions and bodes to confidence. The service will determine and set goals for the homeless in accordance with their skills and talents, they will then raise money for the goals and the users can monitor the progress and help to achieve the objectives.

"To develop social projects is always more interesting than others. You start to sympathize with the fate of the app users and put a piece of your soul in every written line of code."

Artem Henvald, Backend Developer

Apart from the homeless people, there is the opportunity to help charities and watch where they are located on the map. If there is no financial opportunity, you can help in alternative ways, like with food, things, or others.


To implement the backend, we used our standard approach and used the Symfony PHP framework, ready-made third-party bundles and our in-house developments.

It allowed us to get a high-quality application architecture and focus only on business logic.

The heart of the business logic is financial transactions (charitable donations), we connected the Stripe payment system for the purpose and integrated it into the mobile application and backend.It should be noted, that at the moment of Stripe integration the Strong Customer Authentication (SCA) regulation came into force for Europe, and we launched the new API stripe version already to comply with the new requirements of financial transactions.

The backend is realized in the form of RESTful API only. The mobile application on the iOS platform, as well as the admin panel, written on the Vue.js JS framework, communicates with the server through API requests.


We have created a user-friendly mobile app, which helps to find out the information about the needy homeless people easily, help them reach their goals and follow their achievements and life changes.


  • Anastasiia

    Project Manager

  • Artem

    Backend Developer

  • Andrij

    Backend Developer

  • Yevhenii Vaskevych
    Yevhenii Vaskevych

    Backend Developer

  • Yurii Svatok
    Yurii Svatok

    Backend Developer

  • Tetiana


  • Oleksandra Bitiuk
    Oleksandra Bitiuk

    QA Team Lead

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