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Velvot is an app for learning via video content



Develop a mobile application for the Nigerian market that will enable users to effectively gain knowledge on various topics through video content, improve their qualifications in certain areas and download a certificate of completion of the relevant course to obtain the desired job.


It was decided to implement the main business logic on the backend part. The main requirements for mobile apps were stability and speed of operation, the possibility of further support, and scaling of the project, so it was decided to develop native iOS and Android apps. There is also an administrative role for adding content and controlling the system.

Main functionality:

Quick introduction of the user to the platform. Immediately after registration, the user gets access to the application through an e-mail address. Filling in information about the user takes place after confirmation of the e-mail address. View blogs and courses. The user can sort courses by topic, search for content by keyword, and view course lectures, and blogs. The system saves the current progress of each course, and after viewing all lectures, the user can download a certificate of completion of the course to his phone, and leave feedback. There is an opportunity to share courses and blogs through social networks and messengers. The user receives push notifications about new courses. For convenience, the system saves all completed, active and favorite courses in the user profile. Monetization of the platform occurs due to a flexible subscription system.


We used the MVVM architecture, and RxSwift was used for data binding. We've implemented Swinject, a Dependency Injection library to initialize new modules, making them easy to create and reuse. The Vimeo service was chosen for saving and playing video content, which enables the creation of private videos and minimizes the chances of the content of the platform being distributed by third-party means. Custom players based on native components were used to play video content. StoreKit was used to implement the subscription system.


We’ve managed to develop a learning platform that allows users to learn a variety of subjects. The service is easily monetized. Velvot includes a backend part with the implementation of the main business logic and native client mobile apps for Android and IOS platforms.


  • Dmytro

    iOS Developer

  • Yevhenii

    iOS Developer

  • Andrii

    Android Developer

  • Denys

    Android Developer

  • Vitalii

    Backend Developer

  • Viktoriya

    Project Manager

  • Anton


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