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Nizam is now available at Google Play

Nizam is now available at Google Play

Today we are glad to announce that we are near the finishing line of our third game Nizam, a turn-based 3-in-a-row puzzle for 1 or 2 players. Game setting is based on arabic fairy tales with wizards and magic. The main character fights bravely against sorcerers, mages and legendary monsters of the East. During the severe duels we must find the ancient scrolls, which will help us to defeat the most deadly enemies.

2d game release on Android

2d Game Release on Android

2d game development process on Android is complete. The process of the market release has started. Changes are abundant: we significantly redesigned interface, added new content (monsters, weapons, armor), levels (including tutorial), and improved performance (Object Pool). Also, I’m eager to share with you my experience of working with level designers and artists.

2d game development on Android: demo launch

2d Game Development on Android: Demo Launch

A lot of interesting innovations were added to the latest version: program animation of characters instead of frame animation, possibility to tear off parts of the body, survival mode, stationary guns, missions for the quest mode, new weapons, perks and bonuses. The mechanics of getting weapons was also hanged.

2d game development on Android: design

Designing a 2d game for Android

Hi everybody! In this part we are going to talk about tile-based levels, editor for them, new system of waves and new weapons, as well as challenges associated with menus. And yes, we have finally found an artist and will be happy to present some new art to you.

2d game development on Android: looking for ideas

2d Game Development on Android: Searching Ideas

Hi everybody! For more than two weeks our studio has been working hard on a new project. We are developing a 2d top-down shooter and a little unusual perspective for characters (we are discussing it later). Now is the time to tell all about it. This is the first post from a series about developing a two-dimensional game on Android.