Celebrating the 8th anniversary of Stfalcon.com!

День рождения Stfalcon.com

This year our team celebrates its 8th anniversary! Since 2009 we have implemented more than 120 projects, including the largest logistics and postal services. The number of our employees grew over 45 professionals. As you know, the one who works hard plays hard also! «Especially for you!» the most interesting moments of the Stfalcon.com Birth celebration... Let’s go!

«Let’s go» — literally :) We are keen on traveling and each time try to celebrate corporate events in new interesting places. This time our team went to a picturesque place in the Lviv region named «The bay of Vikings».

In reality, it is even more beautiful!

Just arrived — full of enthusiasm!

How to create a Dream Team?

We often call our company the Dream Team, not only because we know how to create high-quality complex projects for customers, but also because our team consists of associates who are always ready to help each other.

This year our team has grown significantly — by 50% if to compare to the previous year! We have opened office in the capital of Ukraine, so our colleagues from Kiev joined us. Team building on company’s birthday has become a tradition for us. Because this year we have many people, we’ve decided to split into three teams: «Justice League», «Bluebeard» and «Pink Panther». Try to guess who is who by bandages.

Struggling together

Driving the velomobile around the lake with the time limit of one minute was not an easy task, so everyone who arrived was greeted with a standing ovation!

To put a huge puzzle together we took: imagination, ingenuity, combinatorics elements:) and laughter!

Try to successfully overcome the obstacles of the corridor, blindfolded. And what if in conjunction with you go your colleagues and the actions of each member influence the success of the competition? From the captain, the only «sighted» member, is required composure, quick reactions and the ability to explain what others can’t see (a typical case for the Project Manager). From the team was required: listening skills, coordination and willingness to help a friend. We can do it, we did it! In 4 minutes we passed the route, which is calculated for a quarter of an hour.

Clash of the giants

We will not tell about all competitions, but the captains had to work hard. At the time our Chapter teams become sumo wrestlers. To defend the team’s championship the wrestlers indeed laid out in full!

Of course, friendship has won ... and Stfalcon.com company!

Did a great job — it’s time to eat well!

After the quest we, tired but happy, set in a cozy gazebo on the lake bench. It turned out that our Kiev colleagues can are not only good at writing quality code but play the guitar professionally. Our evening was accompanied by live music — well, until the end of the evening everyone enjoyed playing classic rock and modern hits, sang and even danced!

While girls were dancing, our gentlemen were having a physical competition — push-ups, sit-ups, arm wrestling. During the evening each member gave at least 40 push-ups.

There were a lot of congratulations, wishes, and plans for the future. Until the 8th company’s anniversary, we really have what to celebrate!

8 Achievements to the eighth birthday of the company

  1. We grow up — the number of employees have grown by 50% over the last year;
  2. We have opened a Kiev office;
  3. The geography of our projects is spread on three continents — North America, Western Europe, and even Africa. Also this year we have established cooperation with customer from Switzerland;
  4. Our experts have implemented large-scale projects in the areas of:
  5. The annual income of our customers crossed the mark of $1.5 B;
  6. Our startup — the service for monitoring the condition of the road, which paves the routes at the best tracks and collects statistics about the quality of the road surface, Uaroads, has reached 120 thousand registered users;
  7. The game we have developed — The Last Outpost, has gathered more than 500 thousand downloads on Google Play Market;
  8. We actively add stories to our company’s Blog, there you may find articles on mobile and web development, and helpful tips for entrepreneurs. This year, our blog has been visited by half a million readers.

Our plans for the future is to increase the number of employees to 100, to expand projects’ geography to new regions and to realize even more challenging projects. We are not looking for easy ways, our goal is to be the best!