The Air Alert App Received an Award from DOU

Stfalcon Wins a DOU Award

The community and experts at the first DOU Awards identified the best projects, that stand out for their contribution to the development of the Ukrainian IT industry. Stfalcon became one of the award winners for its achievements in developing socially oriented projects: Air Alert and Air Alert Map. The contribution entails developing innovative solutions designed to enhance citizen safety and safeguard their lives.

Innovative Danger Warning App by Stfalcon and Ajax Systems

Stfalcon and Ajax Systems developed the Air Alert app with the support of the Ministry of Digital Transformation of Ukraine. Due to its usefulness and efficiency, the app has already been downloaded more than 26 million times. "Air Alert has become a reliable tool for informing about various types of dangers, including missile attacks, shelling, street fighting, chemical and radiation threats, and sends important alerts from the UIA and Civil Defense of Ukraine.

Air Alert App version 6.0

In March 2024, the Air Alert app added the function of warnings of increased danger in certain cities and communities. In the 6.0 version of the app, notifications of an approaching missile or drone will be sent in addition to the general alarm.

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This will greatly improve user awareness of potential threats, allowing them to take timely action to ensure personal safety.

Information about all types of danger is transmitted by the responsible Civil Defense officers in the military and regional administrations of Ukraine. Alarms are coordinated by the SES on duty, which guarantees a prompt response to dangerous situations.

Stfalcon was also recognized in the Google Play #WeArePlay campaign as the most downloaded and important Air Alert app.

Stfalcon successfully fulfills the task of developing projects that require immediate intervention and rapid implementation. We have extensive experience developing projects for emergencies, such as the eRaketa, a device for remote warning sirens, etc. Contact us, and get a free consultation.