Stfalcon Experience of Using Online Recruitment Services

​​The Tech industry needs to find experts with the right experience and appropriate qualifications. As recruiters increasingly use digital technology, online recruitment has quickly become the best way to find talented specialists. Currently, there is a significant increase in the use of automation technologies in the job recruitment process. As a result, many companies pay more attention to online recruitment strategies, and social networks are particularly effective. But let's look at all aspects of interactive platforms for online hunting.

Advantages of Online Recruitment Services

1. It's time-saving

As usual, you publish a vacancy on the searching for specialists site — you publish a vacancy on the site or send ads through various channels before someone responds to your request, which can take a long time. When you receive a long-awaited response, there is a high probability that the candidate will not suit your company. This will mean a loss of time for acquaintance and communication. If the candidate suits your requirements — you are really lucky.

On online platforms, recruiters and HR managers have the opportunity to personally filter and select the suitable specialists, with the appropriate stack and experience. And when making sure that the candidate is appropriate for your requirements, you can contact him in real-time as quickly as possible. And resume analysis and filtering tools also help save a lot of time. Because recruiters have to review only a few of the best resumes, not the resumes of each unskilled candidate, recruitment time can be significantly reduced.

2. It's organized

Recruitment software automatically tracks and saves job applications, resumes, and documentation as candidates go through the hiring process. Candidates have registered automatically. Their data is organized. Recruiters can easily retrieve candidate files and track the progress of applications. This, of course, eliminates the possibility of losing any information.

Programs allow you to encrypt personal information in accordance with the GDPR. Automation can also improve the workflow by shortening the typing cycle with information, updates, and comments added to the system.

3. It's easy

Almost anyone can post a vacancy on the Internet because most well-known recruitment platforms make the process understandable, easy, and user-friendly. And at the same time, the process is simple for those who respond by submitting an application instead of sending resumes and written applications by mail.

4. It is a long-term decision

Newspapers and other print media have a limited lifespan, depending on their publication cycle. Most private publications have a bi-weekly publication cycle, which means that your vacancy will only be visible for a short time. While online vacancies remain published until the author or host site deletes them.


1. Technical difficulties

Some online platforms may reject good candidates due to problems with their applications. For example, many services support a single format for downloading a resume file. In fact, the software is reliable only if recruiters check it often and solve problems quickly. Whether you're communicating with candidates via Skype chat or Zoom video calls, this can also be a cause for possible technical problems. If your business doesn't have a stable internet connection, it can damage your overall business experience.

2. Variety

Life always puts us in situations where we have to make a choice. But our efforts to choose the best option sometimes turn into a big problem. It is difficult to make a choice if you have dozens of the best applicants.

3. Competitiveness

The main disadvantage of trends is that people repeat each other's actions. As a result, your post may quickly disappear under a bunch of other job offers or resumes, forcing you to either pay more for additional disclosure or risk leaving your resume unnoticed.

It can be concluded that online recruitment services mostly bring benefits to people, but at the same time still have some drawbacks.

Our Experience

Stfalcon always follows the digital trends of the world, so we decided to create our own online service for finding specialists to help companies that hire online workers —

WeReady has been on the market for almost a year, it has about 200 registered companies and more than 300 posted resources. Tech companies from all over Ukraine can publish online job postings for free or find the right specialist among other companies.

As we are responsible for the security of our users, only officially registered companies can post or view publications with personal data. How do we monitor this process? In fact, everything is quite simple and convenient. We manage the platform using the admin panel.

A manager can see all information about users and the resources created by them.

If there are suspicious moments, we can easily restrict the user's access by removing him from the platform along with his resources.

Also through the admin panel, we can manage the lists and filters that the user uses when searching. The manager can add the desired city, specialization, or technology.

As a manager who has been managing the platform for about a year, I can highlight the pros and cons of running your own online recruiting service.

Let's start with the disadvantages.

It can take a long time before your platform gains some popularity and trust. You need to actively promote your service using social networks or with the help of a marketing agency.

Second, users often lose activity by forgetting about the existence of the platform. With email reminders, we get rid of this problem, but again, it's a waste of time for analysis and correspondence.

Fortunately, there are still more positive moments.

Stfalcon recruiters and sales managers often use the service and have instant access to the list of required specialists. By providing free access to Ukrainian Tech companies, Stfalcon helps them to co-operate to support the country's economy.

And last but not least, we have gained experience in developing online recruiting solutions — so we are ready to offer recruitment companies a ready-made decision.

So, online technology has not escaped the field of hiring. Despite some shortcomings, recruitment services are really useful, they speed up the search process, expand the range of specialists and make this process less energy-intensive.