Stfalcon - 10 Remarkable Years at a Glance

Stfalcon - 10 Remarkable Years at a Glance

For some people Autumn is a fruitful season, for somebody it’s bright, for someone it’s dull...

For all Stfalcon team, Autumn is time to celebrate, — to celebrate the company’s birthday as well as all the new results and milestones we’ve achieved in a year.

This year the celebration was especially significant for us as we held the 10 anniversary of our Company. In just 10 years there seems a completely new Era has begun in the digital world.

Back in 2009 the trends for mobile app development and cloud computing were just emerging, IoT just came into the picture, and open source products struggled to find stability in development, while testing was primarily manual as well as many other operations. Such were the conditions for our start as a web and mobile app development company when it all began a decade ago.

In 2009 the Stfalcon’s eternal head Stepan Tanasiychuk opened his first office. There were just 30 square meters for the team of only 3 people who were carrying the projects out for 2 clients. In 2009 just 750 working hours were encountered.

In 2010, however, the number of hours increased almost 10 times. The team increased 3 times and was then comprised of 9 people, the new DevOps department opened and a new office rented. Slowly but steadily the company started its development.

The design department appeared in the Company in 2011and in 2012 Frontend and PM divisions were added. The same year one of the most interesting projects started in cooperation with the German bus transportation company team MeinFernbus.

In 2013 the development teams were divided according to their specialization- Android and iOS.

The same year the company launched its own startup for the Ukrainian drivers UARoads — the aim of the project was to identify the most comfortable, quick and safe roads in Ukraine with joint efforts of the drivers and Stfalcon team. A web service and applications for the UARoads project were developed, which helped to:

  • Increase driving safety.
  • Protect cars from damage caused by poor road quality.
  • Save money spent on frequent repair.
  • Monitor activities of the road services and the quality of road maintenance.

5 years later the service was sold and is now developed by other people.

In 2014, five years after the company started, an office manager appeared in the company to help the 27 employees in the office and to make it our real second home.

Game Dev department opened, and the game app The Last Outpost was released. A player in it is a soldier at the frontier of his homeland, where the enemies came to invade it. Every fighter has then to develop an ultimate survival strategy, defend what is rightfully his and win the war. By 2019 the downloads of the game exceeded 1 mln.

In 2015 the company felt mature enough to move to a new office 450 sq. meters, which became the home to such new departments as Marketing, Sales, HR, QA, and COO. The team was constantly expanding and geography as well. Not only new European clients appeared, but a new office in Kyiv was opened in 2017, in the company there appeared CEO, BA, and PMO.

Besides, an educational project, Stfalcon academy was started, which has by now been finished by 300+ students. We constantly arrange meetups and workshops and their total number is 78 by now. So Stfalcon is not only concerned with development and innovation in the technical sphere but is eager to share and expand knowledge, launching educational events of various kinds. We have invested about 12000 hours for the purpose and still are going to support this initiative.

By now we can boast with 210 projects fulfilled for the clients from 15 countries and 216 employees working for the Company in the course of all these years. To crown all our 10-year achievements Stfalcon development team was recognized as a top Ukrainian B2B company in the Clutch latest press release. It’s not the first time we were honored since Stfalcon has been a Clutch Leader in web and mobile app development for years. Our Company was as well noted as a leader on The Manifest in the Ukrainian web developers category.

We have already entered the new eon, where mobility is part and parcel of everything, IoT and AI have been incorporated into our life, AR and VR are developing and cloud storage and computing is an integral part of software creation and usage.

Today Stfalcon faces the future with serenity and 10 years of expertise behind our back. We are eager to enhance our experience and enable innovations further on. Let’s do it together!