Device for automated access to shelters during an alarm

Stfalcon Wins a Clutch Global Award

To avoid dangerous situations when shelters are locked during an air raid alarm, the Stfalcon team has developed an innovative device for automated access. This budget solution is affordable for everyone.

Automatic lock for shelters

A device with a server connection is effective for security and access control. It includes several components, such as:

  • External module: digital panel and sensor for reading the electronic key
  • Internal module: control unit and internal lock release button
  • Electromagnetic lock and strike plate: installed on the door together with the door closer

The device automatically opens the lock when a danger is detected, at other times access is granted using an access code, card, or key fob.

How the device works

The principle of operation of this device is that access to the premises is possible with the correct code or card in cases outside of airborne alarms. A person can enter the code or insert a card into the reader to open the lock.

When it is an air alarm, the device automatically switches to the mode when access is allowed for everyone. This ensures that people leave the premises as quickly as possible and allows them to avoid danger. When the notification ends, the lock automatically closes.

The device also has a button from the inside that people can press to exit the room after the danger is over. This allows you to conveniently and quickly leave the room without having to use a code or card.

Advantages of automated access

  • Instant response
  • The automated lock is unlocked as soon as the danger has passed to allow people to exit the shelter. The device is integrated with the Airborne Alarm notification system to ensure a quick response.

  • High security
  • The device keeps the door closed, preventing unauthorized access.

  • Automation
  • The lock does not require human intervention, the device is automated.

  • Protection of life and property
  • An automated lock allows you to save lives in case of danger and protect property from unauthorized access.

    Our device provides reliable access control and security of the premises, and as a result, the preservation of life. We strive to provide the highest level of security and comfort for our users by providing advanced technologies and smart solutions.

    Options for ordering a lock

    There are three options for ordering:

    • 3100 UAH - device synchronization with alarm + connection to the server
    • 6800 UAH - device + kit for self-installation (door closer, electromagnetic lock, controller with reader, exit button)
    • 10800 UAH - device + kit + installation in Khmelnytskyi

    You can order the device or clarify the details by calling the phone number: 098 100 30 50