Transport Logistic: Great Experience of Visiting the Largest Global Fair 2019

Transport Logistic: Great Experience of Visiting the Largest Global Fair 2019

It’s our firm belief, that if you want to go with the tides, you should be in tune with the modern world and like-minded people. Besides, you should never stop your professional development, because the world changes too quickly to use old tricks.

That’s why our representatives visited Transport Logistic — the largest global logistics fair, which took place in Munich beginning of June.

The event could not but draw our attention because logistics is one of the main spheres of our interest and expertise. Besides, it’s the industry of multiple opportunities for tech implementation.

So, Anastasia Novikova and Alexandra Chuba went to the Conference held on logistics, mobility, IT and Supply chain management to get acquainted with the most recent innovations, original solutions, and the hottest trends in the modern world of Logistics.

Conference in Figures and Topics

To provide you with some slight impression of the event we’ll mention that

  • there were almost 2 400 exhibitors from 63 countries and
  • around 64 000 visitors from 125 countries
  • almost half of the visitors came from abroad.
  • The fair covered 10 halls and an outdoor area of 125 000 square meters of exhibition space.

Incredible, isn’t it?

The top exhibitors were Germany (naturally), Netherlands, Italy, Belgium, France, Poland, China, Austria, Spain, the United Kingdom, and the Czech Republic.

The main topics were transport and maritime logistics, food logistics, artificial intelligence, auto ID technologies for the logistics processes digitalization, driver shortage, and bringing Silk Road alive.

Logistics main challenges in the modern world

We asked Anastasia Novikova about the major logistics challenges.


Actually, the key ideas were formulated by the German Federal Minister of Transport Andreas Scheuer at the opening of a round panel discussion. He stated that the contemporary growing traffic flows should be made more efficient and affordable and at the same time environmentally and climate-friendly. The head of DHL Dr. Frank Appel mentioned customs disputes and certain tension between the USA and China, but expressed certain optimism since goods still find their way to their destination, so there are chances for improvement.

Anastasia Novikova, Head of sales

Rolf Habben Jansen, CEO of Hapag-Lloyd AG underlined the necessity of consolidation in the industry and noticed that their company has been an active driver of it over the past 5 years.

Software Development requirements

We spoke about the perspectives and requirements of modern logistics software with Alexandra Chuba.


The Conference underlined the role of innovative technologies in the logistics and Supply Chain management digital transformation. Due to this process and the increasing availability of information, tools are needed to efficiently evaluate and interpret this data. Thus the development of Transport Management Systems Solutions and Mobile Apps top the modern IT trends of the industry.

Oleksandra Chuba, Sales Manager

There are interesting fields of AI and Predictive analytics integration to achieve improved planning, prediction, and personalization.

Final Word

Logistics offers wide-ranging scope for innovation. We returned from the forum inspired with plenty of ideas and are now eager to implement them and develop new software solutions for our customers. You have all the chances to become the first client of a highly-motivated and inspired with fresh ideas team, just contact us right now.