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Fixed-budget, scope-controlled - an Innovative model of software development pricing

Fixed-Budget, Scope-Controlled - an Innovative Model of Software Development Pricing

Until recently when it came to software development pricing, the two most popular models were the Fixed Price and Time and Material. Each of the approaches has its welfares and weaknesses. We have already dealt with the peculiarities of each pricing scheme before, but a new approach to development projects pricing has emerged recently.

7 Secrets of Fruitful Cooperation with an Offshore IT Company (From the Insiders)

Offshore IT outsourcing company

So, you have decided to digitize your business. But who to entrust this major challenge with? Assuming you are not going to transform your firm into a web-dev, you need third-party IT specialists. The practice is common nowadays. According to Deloitte statistics, 53 percent of IT functions are being already outsourced worldwide. After all, if it’s OK for Skype, Slack, Opera, and Facebook, why shouldn’t it work for you?

The role of QA manager in the offshore development team

The role of QA manager

One minute of Amazon’s downtime will cost its owners at least $66,000. The larger the project, the higher the cost of errors that cause incorrect resource operation. While no one is immune from force majeure, it is still cheaper to prevent a problem than to deal with consequences. In the IT-development field, greatest «law officers» are QA-specialists. What is the role of QA in the project team and what career can build the quality control specialist in IT?

GitHub: manual for non-technical entrepreneurs

GitHub for non-technical entrepreneurs

GitHub is the world’s largest hosting service for storing and working with IT-projects, but that’s not all. The resource cooperates nearly 24M developers and more than 100 thousand organizations. Last year 50% of the world’s TOP10 enterprise companies have used GitHub Enterprise, among them Walmart, Apple and General Motors. How can you, as an entrepreneur, use GitHub for your business?

Outsourcing risks: How to get code quality guarantees

Outsourcing risks: How to get code quality guarantees

Thanks to the spread of English language and a number of voice and text messaging tools available, the communication barrier between business owners and their offshore software development teams is less of a problem nowadays. But Quora and reddit are bursting with questions about risks associated with outsourcing IT services, in particular what code quality guarantees you get when outsourcing overseas. Let’s see into this.