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Running PHPUnit Tests with Code Coverage in PHPStorm When Working in Docker

Running PHP Unit tests with code coverage in PhpStorm

In PhpStorm, there is a possibility to create Run/Debug Configurations and to run them from IDE. It allows the project participants to share common configurations using a ‘Shared’ flag in the settings. One of such operations is running unit tests in the course of development. Let’s discuss how to fine-tune this process by means of Docker.

Code refactoring in PhpStorm

Code refactoring in PhpStorm

PHP refactoring is really cool! But in the process of fulfilling it, some routine operations and repetitive actions with the code are rather frequent. And in the end there still may remain a lot of syntax errors. Well it often kills any initiative. And surely this is not cool. Fortunately, modern IDE are able to take part of the tasks for themselves while the developer can concentrate on the process of refactoring of code and architecture as a whole, rather than on the fight against boring code.