ReadyCode Solution in Development

The mobile application development market is highly competitive, so a client may have several offers from different tech companies. Important criteria for choosing an IT company are the final project cost and development time.

Since most apps have similar functionality (registration, authorization, account deletion, photo upload, etc.), we’ve decided to develop several universal ready-made solutions that can be used in the project with minimal customization, saving development time and the client's money. ReadyCode solution is not as hyped as NoCode solutions, with which you can make an app without writing code, but it is also a cool topic )). We are happy to share our experience with you. So let's dive in!

How to reduce the cost of the app with ready-made development solutions

In most projects, the Stfalcon mobile team uses Clean Architecture and MVVM architecture, so when starting a new application, we first create a project structure with Data, Domain, and Presentation layers.

The team decided to make a universal basic project and not to do the same type of work on each project, where the necessary structure, work with the network, added extensions, and installed necessary frameworks will be implemented. This solution significantly saved developers' time and the final cost of projects.

Implementation of registration and authorization

A significant number of mobile applications require registration in order to use them. Usually, registration in the app is carried out by phone or by e-mail.



Client Manager

Thus, on the projects of our clients Velvot (an app for training via video content) and STRONGMom (a fitness app for pregnant women), due to the use of ready-made solutions, the cost estimate of the following functionality was reduced:

  • registration via e-mail
  • authorization
  • account deletion
  • working with subscriptions.

The solution included a ready-made backend part and methods of interaction of client applications with the backend in the Data and Domain layers. The presentation layer was made unique for these applications.

Photo upload implementation

Often, applications need to implement photo upload. For example, in the application for connecting people in the virtual world, the client's money was saved due to the use of ready-made solutions for phone registration, authorization, and uploading the user's profile photo to the server.

Chat implementation between clients

In a real estate client-to-client chat app, we offered to the customer our out-of-the-box chat implementation based on Centrifugo (real-time messaging server) and WebSocket protocol (real-time information exchange). Our UI solution was used at the level of the Presentation layer. As a result, the developer replaced only the styles and additionally expanded the functionality. As a result, most of the ready-made chat functionality has been seamlessly integrated into the app. Due to these ready-made solutions, which include both our code and open source code, the final cost of the project was significantly reduced.

Screenshots of the base app

​​Screenshots of the finished app


The development of ready-made universal solutions, which are used in most applications, has a positive effect on estimating the cost of project development. So, the IT company has a more flexible offer for the client and offers stable and proven solutions for implementing the same type of functionality. We like such solutions (they take care of the client first of all), so we recommend you also try themselves or contact our experts.