Largest AngularJS website Example

Large websites using AngularJS

We have already reviewed AngularJS advantages that make it a great framework and today we’d like to share with you big AngularJS websites belonging to famous companies.

What is AngularJS and where is it used?

AngularJS (Angular.js, Angular) is a front-end JavaScript framework used for building single page applications and websites. Visually Angular SPA might look just like a regular page. So how to figure out it’s web app we are looking at? If when a message is received, new comments are made or we are submitting registration form there’s no need to reload the page to see updates, then we are dealing with one page application built with AngularJS or other JavaScript framework. For example, modern version of Google email service is an example of SPA app:

Gmail is a web app

Advanced AngularJS techniques are used for creating ecommerce, entertainment and news websites. Web application development with AngularJS is becoming more and more widespread, as confirmed by data BuiltWith has gathered:

How many websites are using AngularJS according to BuiltWith

Below we show website examples belonging to companies from various industries using Angular.

Big sites built with AngularJS

The Guardian

Site of the famous British newspaper has been launched six years ago and as of September 2015 it holds the third place by number of visitors among national newspapers and magazines available online. User interface of The Guardian website is made as an AngularJS app written according to ES 2015, the latest JavaScript standard:

The Guardian website uses AngularJS

In order to create infinite scrolling of search results developers used Angular together with RxJS extensions for reactive programming oriented towards change propagation.

Search on The Guardian website

Grid, image management system created by the newspaper developers, is also working with AngularJS. It stores 3 million images with 20 thousand of them being added daily. Just like many other companies supporting useful open source projects The Guardian made its image management system available on Github:

Open source image management system from The Guardian

As for migrating to the latest AngularJS version (AngularJS version 2 release date: December 15, 2015), senior developer from The Guardian points out that new Angular version follows the current trends of web-technology development. All in all, current The Guardian website belongs to AngularJS best examples.


PayPal is another example of large websites using AngularJS. PayPal company owns online payments system available in 203 countries and territories and works with 26 currencies. AngularJS developers have used framework in PayPal Checkout system consisting of:

  1. Parent page
  2. Payment review page
  3. Sidebar
  4. Adding credit card page

AngularJS in PayPal Checkout

American cable and satellite channel The Weather Channel has launched its website far back in 1996. Nowadays, according to SimilarWeb, is most visited wether forecast site in the world. Its also one the big websites using AngularJS.

In 2014 the website has migrated to Drupal, content management system using Symfony2 components. uses a lot of widgets that should be loaded both for desktop and mobile versions of the website. Data for widgets is received using AngularJS modules located in a separate directory. uses AngularJS

YouTube for PS3

Youtube is a video hosting and video sharing website owned by Google. It is estimated worth is $70 billion. Service has one billion users which equals to one third of people using Internet worldwide. YouTube is available on a lot of devices, including consoles produced by Sony. PS3 app was written using Angular JS framework:

YouTube for PS3 uses AngularJS


This music website hosts 150 thousand video clips distributed under license from major music labels. VEVO receives 12 billion views monthly. Website Angular front end is quite impressive:

VEVO uses AngularJS

Danish company Lego founded in 1932 decided to create an interactive poster builder to promote the launch of Star Wars Rebels mini-series. It’s not one of those Angularjs big projects, but it is still an Angular single page application with a unique purpose that is worth mentioning.

Lego interactive poster builder using AngularJS

Developers working on this project decided to use pair programming technique that involves two people working on the code together. The first is a driver and does the actual coding and the second is a navigator who keeps an eye on the wider picture. They switch roles in a set periods of time. By using AngularJS application framework, Browserify task runner and LESS plugin they created quick and lightweight solution for promoting new company product.

Upwork and Freelancer

Both freelance platforms are quite popular:

  1. Number of freelancers: 10 million at Upwork and 18 million at Freelancer.
  2. Average amount of available projects: 3.6 million at Upwork and 4.4 million at Freelancer.

Both Upwork and Freelancer are sites using AngularJS:

Upwork uses AngularJS

Freelancer uses AngularJS


Popular American low-cost airlines carrying 35 million people annually. performs 900 flights daily and carries passengers to 95 cities in the US, Caribbean and Latin America. Current version of jetBlue is an usesAngular website:

jetBlue airlines using AngularJS

iStock Photo

Microstock with royalty-free photos, illustrations, audio and video belongs to Getty Images. Main page of the stock website is an AngularJS website example:

iStock Photo uses AngularJS


Localytics is a service offering business analytics and marketing platform for mobile and web app owners. It is used by 6,000 companies, including Microsoft, The New York Times, Zipcar, HBO and The Weather Channel we featured above.

Localytics analytics service uses AngularJS

Localytics developers wanted to move it from Bakcbone to JS framework that offers more features out of the box. They favored AngularJS UI suite (collection of plugins) that helps to solve common UI related problems. Building a website with AngularJS allowed developers to reduce the amount of code comparing to the previous framework:

Localytics reduced the amount of code with AngularJS

Top AngularJS websites above prove that this JS framework is suitable for creating complex solutions for various industries, from video hostings and entertainment websites to business analytics services and transportation companies.

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