Km Code'n'Coffee #3. Feedback from a participant

Hello everybody. Our studio has held another mini-conference Km Code'n'Coffee # 3 for IT people from Khmelnytskyi. This time the event took place in our new office. By the way, the office is spacious and modern — a perfect place for such gatherings. About 50 people attended the conference, among them Rudavskyi Roman. He is my friend and I was glad to see him joining us. Roman was pleased with the conference and decided to write a review of the event. It's awesome to get such feedback! We decided to share his impressions in our blog. It's the first time, we've posted a review from the participant. Enjoy!

Roman shares his impressions on Km Code'n'Coffee #3:

"I got an invitation for "Code'n'Coffee" from an old friend Artem. The event takes place in our city regularly, it was the third time. I must say it was worth going. I'd like to tell you some details, hot on the heels of the event.

Having reached the destination and locked my two-wheeled vehicle on the parking lot, I went up the stairs to the 5th floor and entered a brand new office of the event organizer — Stfalcon Company. It was already pretty crowded inside. А bunch of interesting people were talking to each other, waiting for the conference to start. Suddenly, in the midst of the crowd I met another friend of mine — Yurii. We decided to grab the opportunity and ask Artem for a tour of the office. Artem gladly agreed and gave us a full tour of all the sights. Spacious rooms with a nice interior, mildly speaking, shocked us with their size. As Yurii said: "this place could house 500 Chinese people" and he did not lie, maybe even more!

Meanwhile, everyone was invited to a large conference room, where most of the visitors have already taken seats. The first presentation was about to begin in a moment. It was devoted to the development of a game for mobile devices based on Android with the mysterious name "Galaxy Recon". As it turned out, behind this enigmatic name lies a very interesting development of a zombie shooter — the company's own product. The report turned out to be interesting & fun and the jokes from the Project Manager were hilarious. I must say I was really impressed by this presentation. I'd have never thought that games can be developed at such a high level in Khmelnytskyi.

After the report we watched the gameplay and had some time for questions. The audience was very active and interested in the details. Then the person leading this event announced a coffee break with the words "Drink coffee! Eat cookies! Play games! Have fun!" Well, maybe those were not his exact words, but I gave you the essence! This wonderful call was proclaimed at the end of every presentation (there were two more ahead of us). The spirit of the evening was friendly and positive. Everyone was obviously enjoying the event. What can I say, the guys know how to have fun.

Someone was playing the simulator "Guitar Hero", pushing buttons on the guitar and hitting the drums. Others were playing "Mortal Kombat" and kinect-sports on x-box. Some people moved to the kitchen for more talks, tea and coffee, biscuits and chocolate. Sometime later the second part of the event began. It was devoted to the practice of open tool Vagrant in developing PHP-projects. The report was interesting and informative, and for me personally it revealed the pros and cons of the tool. Other developers, who have been using it in practice, really contributed to the story. They shared experiences and revealed the details of the subject.

One of these developers was Volodymyr Dubyna, an invitee from Chernihiv. His presentation was a brilliant closure of the evening. "Enterprise projects with a budget of more than a million dollars!" was a story from his own experience as a team leader. The report described details and nuances of work with an Enterprise Project. Everyone listened with interest, then asked questions. Pleasant final note of the report became a funny fragment from a Soviet film "Deadhead miles" = ). Grateful listeners thanked the speaker with applause.

Time flies when you're having fun with a good company, and 4 hours passed like a flash. It was almost 11 pm on the clock and dark outside. I said goodbye to my old and new friends, and left the office in a wonderful mood. I was cycling home through the night city, with my head full of thoughts about the amount of fun and excitement I had. Respect to the organizers! I look forward to the next Code'n'Coffee".

What can we add to the story Roman have just told you?.. We would gladly receive not only such positive reviews, but also criticism. Our aim is to make these events more interesting and of better quality. Feel free to express any opinion!

Here you can see the presentations of the conference:

As always, we invite everyone to our next event. Send us topics you'd like to hear and propose your own presentations. See you at Km Code'n'Coffee # 4!