Best Mobility As A Service (MaaS) Startups Examples

7 Best Mobility As A Service Startups that will make you join the market right away.

The industry of mobility demonstrates now multiple up-and-coming startups and technologies emerging. Lots of them are related to the new Mobility as a Service concept. We have already analyzed the trend in one of our previous articles and revealed the huge potential this technology opens. This article is to provide our audience with the live examples of the startups, which top the industry today.

The end goal of MaaS is to decrease the number of people using private transport and to get more people using public transport, still having round-the-clock access to it.

Present-day Situation and the Future of Mobility as a Service Companies

We can nowadays witness the appearance of intermediate transportation modes and the emerging interest to autonomous vehicles and connected transport technology. Being obviously steps forward these tendencies bring challenges to tech specialists, enthusiasts and startupers eager to change the modern cities transportation system.

The shift is also seen on the demand side, a push and pull relationship between technology and demand should be taken into consideration here. The shift to smart mobility solutions would potentially address a host of various concerns, however, opens wide opportunities. The transition has already started, enabled by digital platforms, trip planners, Internet of Things technology, and ticketing solutions, nevertheless, to achieving this shift in full requires the adoption of a new way of thinking and innovative MaaS platforms and systems integration.


Successful Mobility as a Service Examples of the Present Day

The fact that MaaS is more than promising ground for innovation is proven by the fact that more than 700 MaaS startups have been successfully launched. We’d like to look at some of them in more detail.



Client Manager


The ISTmobil is one of the mobility as a service companies that offer on-demand solutions with a revolutionary way to be mobile in rural and suburban areas. Flexible, independent and without the need of an own car. ISTmobil operates without a schedule and only on demand in areas, where no — or insufficient — public transport services, closing existing gaps, exist.

Using the specially developed software ISTdis®, rides are routed intelligently and pooled according to economic and ecological criteria. The ISTmobil MaaS-Solution is part of the public transport system, as the existing public transport is integrated in real time. This is done by importing and comparing all existing timetable data. The passenger receives multimodal information about the entire route, including possible connections to public transport.

Regarding to that, the ISTmobil on-demand mobility solution is unique. ISTmobil is the only provider of on-demand mobility solutions that successfully involves existing public transport systems. ISTmobil: The future of public transport.


Moovel claims itself to be a totally new on-demand mobility as a service example. It combines the best services of car-sharing, ride-hailing, parking, and charging, and into an open MaaS platform. Being a part of the BMW Group and Daimler AG, it’s going to change its name for REACH NOW. However, it’s mission remains the same — to provide the most convenient and innovative options for getting around, get rid of traffic jams and transform the cities.

Moovel uses a mobility application and multimodal platforms for urban areas and cities to optimize the process of traveling for the user and allow him to plan a trip, as well as select and combine various means of transportation (bikes, eScooters, private and public transport, etc). The payment can be realized in-app right away.


Immense is one of the urban mobility as a service companies, launched in the United Kingdom, which offers the fully integrated cities simulations. It allows to figure out how transport and people move around and predict the influence of new spots, transport means or routes in the area. The solution also helps to plan and make proper travel decisions, implement and run cost-effective and well-organized auto mobility solutions within a city.


Dufl is a US-based one of premium mobility as a service examples. It’s a revolutionary MaaS solution, which has made it possible to plan the trip for the traveler and for the luggage separately. Carrying a lot of baggage is a common problem for those who travel a lot, that’s why Dufl has decided to solve it.

A client is offered a personal closet, where his items are stored. As soon as the trip is planned the luggage is packed on request and sent to the specified destination. After the journey, the belongings are picked up, cleaned and put to wait in a virtual closet again. The clients can also order a concierge service of laundry cleaning between the journeys.


Lilium is a groundbreaking air taxi service, which is going to bring fully-electric transition flight to reality and become a norm by 2025. Based in Munich, the top of the mobility as a service companies develops a 5-seater jet with vertical take-off and landing to launch a flying taxi service in 5 years. The jet will be able to cover up to 300 km in just an hour, thus expanding the radius of any traveler’s life.

Mobility 4 All

Mobility 4 All a best of mobility as a service companies intended for disabled and senior people, who cannot drive themselves. It seeks to provide a trusted source of transportation for seniors and people with disabilities. It’s one of the wheelchairs plus mobility solutions one can trust a dear handicapped person. A family member, a caregiver or support network member can book a drive and receive updates. The driver is always ready to help the passenger in and out of the vehicle as needed and provide companionship.

The company is going to certify drivers from various transportation companies to provide the managed mobility service with possible real-time updates and communication between the driver, rider and their caregiver.


Being initially developed as a Toyota branded carpooling application for corporate needs, Faxi was proven successful in the cities of Europe and the world. The solution helps colleagues find and share the same routes, while the company can verify the carpooling and offer rewards to the employees. It may be a priority parking, for instance. By the way, it not only downsizes the number of vehicles on the road, but solves the concerns of parking places, not speaking of the reduced emissions, making it one of the best mobility as a service examples.


A startup dealing with a road-real time condition and traffic situation. A wireless, sensors gather and share the information gathered about everything taking place on the road. Thus combining IoT and analytics risks can be efficiently detected, accidents prevented, intersections optimized, and traffic control automated.

Our Experience


MeinFernbus stands as a prominent provider of passenger coach transport services in Germany. In 2015, MeinFernbus made headlines by merging with another company, securing its position as the dominant player in the German passenger transportation market.

Our team took charge of creating the initial version of the Android app. Subsequent phases of development, such as implementing the local payment system, crafting subsequent app versions, and designing the iOS app, were skillfully handled by the MeinFernbus team.

While our active role in this project may have concluded, we remain eager to acknowledge our part in it and express our gratitude to MeinFernbus for the invaluable opportunity and experience it provided.

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Busfor serves as an online ticketing service enabling the purchase of both domestic and international travel tickets, functioning in Ukraine, Europe, and South-East Asia.

During the initial stages, our team facilitated Busfor's foray into the mobile market by swiftly developing iOS and Android applications. The primary objective was to offer customers a dedicated mobile app for ticket purchases, reducing reliance on mobile web browsers. At the outset, Busfor had a functional website with an adaptive layout catering to mobile devices. For the mobile apps, we opted for WebView technology, which expedited the development and publication of the apps on the AppStore and Play Market.

Furthermore, we incorporated features beyond the website's framework, such as phone number-based authentication and in-app notifications. These notifications served various purposes, including confirming ticket payments and providing travel reminders to users.

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Being a fresh modern trend MaaS, opens wide opportunities for multiple mobility as a service companies. The showcases above can provide you with some inspiration and hints to take the right direction and fit in the right niche. We believe the present moment is a perfect moment for a perfect start in the sphere.

A host of new entrants are likely to take a share in the new market with new solutions and it’s important to realize that now there is a window of opportunity to get ahead and position yourself in the process of new ecosystem shaping. However, the window is rather small and you should be a fast mover to secure beneficial partnerships, find the right targets and structure internal business and operating models as well as launch global mobility software.

Stfalcon has received a number of mobility software development requests recently. We are eager and impatient to broaden the expertise through the app development for MaaS startups. At the present transformational phase, we have a unique chance to shape the future mobility ecosystem together. Just contact us!

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