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Top Farm Management Software 2020-2021

Top Farm Management Software 2020-2021

According to Statista 10 years ago there were 30 000 farming-related apps available on Google Play. By 2016 the number of applications of such kind constituted an amazing 2.6 million and the global market size of the farm management software and services is going to grow from 1307 billion U.S. dollars worldwide to almost 2.9 in 2021, which is more than twice.

Obviously, the demand for cloud services and improved farming practices increase to enhance cost-effectiveness, it facilitates efficient market growth.

What Should You Know For Effective Restaurant App Development

What Should You Know For Effective Restaurant App Development

Modern people will soon forget the days when appointments or reservations were made by calling, even the simplest operations are now done with just a button click. Three-quarters of the American population have smartphones and use mobile applications for every possible need.

This is the fact which makes apps a crucial factor for any business success, the restaurant business belongs here as well. So if you want your restaurant to succeed, you should reach your existent and potential clients via their smartphones.

Discovery Phase: What is it and why is it important?

Discovery Phase: What is it and why is it important?

What is a Discovery Phase?

Nowadays it’s unreasonable to start a software development project without preliminary comprehensive analysis. The discovery phase should become an initial stage of any project you deal with. It’s an information-gathering procedure, which brings you an in-depth comprehension of the industry, the client’s business, and the target audience. It’s important to gain a profound understanding of the stakeholders’ anticipations of the product and the end-users’ expectations as to it. The main aim of the preliminary analysis is providing a quotation to the customer. For the purpose, you have to gather the maximum possible details about the client’s needs and put it in a separate document.

7 Reasons to Choose PHP Web Development for Business IT Solutions

PHP: 7 Advantages for Business

Today, one may often come across the disputes about the feasibility of applying PHP in the development of IT products and services. There are so many publications (mostly, written in emotions by frustrated programmers) stressing out the drawbacks and limitations of PHP and its frameworks, that, as a business owner or a CIO, you may also start hesitating if PHP is suitable for your project. Is the situation really so bad? And if so, why 83 % of all web services are still being written in PHP? And why is it the choice of Slack, BlaBlaCar, Spotify, and other market leaders?

PHP: 5 Powerful Spheres of Use

5 spheres of PHP use

Initially built for server-side scripting, PHP has become one of the most widely used programming languages. According to WWW Technology Surveys, the share of its use worldwide exceeds 80%. Among PHP advocates are such giants as Slack, Wikipedia, Wordpress, Pinterest, Nvidia, Tumblr and, to some extent, Facebook. The wide range of functions it possesses allow applying this language in almost any area of IT development. That's why companies, from startups to large enterprises, so often choose this programming language when it comes to developing products and services. Let’s have a look at some inspiring examples of what can be done with PHP.

ERP Software: Why Develop

Enterprise resource planning systems

Enterprise resource planning systems (ERP) have become irreplaceable over the last two decades. As at 2017, 81% of organizations were either implementing ERP software or completed implementation. But due to the rapid technological changes, the issue is still pending for many companies. With the inevitability of upgrades, you, as a CEO or CIO may still hesitate if it is better to build your own ERP system or buy a prepackaged solution.

Why Develop Online Recruitment System?

Recruitment management system

Recruitment management software is increasingly in demand. Solutions for recruitment automation or so-called Human Capital Management Systems (HCM) offer us great prospects — the HCM global market is expected to grow to $ 22.51B by 2022, comparing to $14.50B in 2017. How can your business benefit from HCM solution and why develop online recruitment system?